Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So lets see. Another week has come and gone! They go by so fast. We did a lot of service this week which I enjoyed. We helped a lady in our ward on Tuesday with renovating her new home. I'm learning so many life skills out here as well as spiritual knowledge. The mission can do nothing but bless you. We ate dinner with our favorite family the Zuidhofs they're so great and try and feed us as much as they can. I love the members here in Taber they've taught me so much in their small quiet examples of just raising their families in the gospel. 

We taught our investigator Shane that night and got him on date to be baptized. He'll have to overcome a lot of addictions. This is the investigator we found the other week when we were having the super hard day and was walking down the street. He's so worried that the atonement doesn't apply to him because of all his mistakes in life. The best thing in the world was testifying to him that the atonement is for everyone. That its totally possible for him to change. He's ready and willing and said that he was excited to read the Book of Mormon. 

On Wednesday we worked so hard. It was just non-stop all day. We taught some good lessons. Met some new less-active members that wanted us to come back, which is always exciting. We went through a list of literally this list has 100+ people on it. We don't know if they were still in the ward or not so we just contacted a bunch and may have found some potential investigators through it. That night the Elders joined us for dinner Elder Wilson and Elder Cook are hilarious. The members are awesome and are helping us and the Elders find more people to teach. 

Thursday we went to the Food Bank and we're meeting some really awesome people there. We finished up our weekly planning and then went out to Bow Island for exchanges, We exchanged with the Medicine Hat 4th ward Sisters. Sister Brandley came to Taber with me. Sister Brandley came out with me and is the nicest person on this planet! Oh my goodness such a sweetheart. We were asked to teach mission prep that night and no one showed up which was so sad! So we just went to our next lesson early and taught our investigator Matt. He's doing really good as well. We taught Word of Wisdom and he has no problems with it. Ha what a relief! Word of Wisdom problems are big here in Canada. 

On Friday we went out and walked all over Taber. Litterally just walked and walked and walked. We found another new inactive family to teach and also saw our investigator Shane. He told us that he stayed up and read 50 pages of the Book of Mormon the night before! That made me so happy! He has such a strong desire to change, its crazy! We helped a family move and then exchanged back that night. On Saturday we went to go help a family with their yard work but it was snowing all morning! So we just baked cookies and delivered them to people. It snowed ALL DAY LONG. Oh my. Ha. Then we went to a birthday party for a less-active family and did face-painting. Me and Sister Mortensen were laughing so hard, we should never face paint ever again. 

On Sunday we had 2 of our investigators come to church which we were happy about. President then called me and told me about Grandpa. I was so sad but President let me know how mindful Heavenly Father is of me and our family. He let me know how Grandpa will be able to help me as a missionary and that brought me so much comfort. We went to a fireside that night it was on temples and we sang "Families can be together forever" It just brought me a lot of comfort in knowing that we know the Plan of Salvation and that our family is blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all and hope you all know you're in my prayers. Let Grandma Martin know I love her very much and that I'm praying for her.

Sister Martin

 "We went to a Hutterite Colony for P-day and all the little Hutterite boys were riding mini ponies! So cute!"

A cute Mennonite family that Sarah loves.

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