Monday, April 7, 2014

Words from our Prophets

Hey friends and family!

How is everyone doing?? Wasn't conference amazing?? So good! 
This past week definitely had its ups and downs..kind of more downs then ups but that's just what happens and honestly its the little tender mercies that keep me going. 

We taught one of investigators this past week and it was sweet! We taught the Word of Wisdom and the spirit was so strong when we were teaching. When the spirit is there and you are teaching out of love then you can be as bold as you need to be. He said that he's going to keep on trying and that he completely understands the doctrine of it which is awesome. We then went and did service in Barnwell as our whole district which was fun. We helped at this community senior dinner and I just love seniors! They're all so cute! 

Wednesday we had to drop one of our investigators, she's just not progressing as much as she should be and her desire isn't really there. She's an awesome lady though and I just have a positive peaceful feeling that this isn't the end for her, she's felt the spirit so strongly in some of our lessons and one day she'll remember that and want to come back and learn more. We're receiving a lot more referrals from the ward lately which is SWEET. It shows that the members trust us and it gives us more opportunities to find people. That's what our mission is focusing on this month is Developing the Faith to Find. Which is perfect because thats what me and Sister Mortensen are focusing on is finding more people here in Taber. 

We walked all day Wednesday and hopefully with it getting warmer more people will come out because as of now its pretty much just me and Sister Mortensen walking the streets of Taber. I'm definitely definitely not in Calgary. Its fun trying to figure out how to do missionary work in all these different areas. 

On Thursday we helped a lady with her new house. We got to rip wall-paper down and do some other fun things. Do you want to know why I really love service out here on my mission? Because I get to wear jeans! Its the best! hahaha but really service is great because we just get to love the people. I've learned a lot about charity on my mission which I'm super grateful for. 

So on Friday we got to go up to Calgary and guess who I got to see?!? Sister Blommaert! Yup she's a Sister Training Leader and is just doing so good! I'm so proud of her! It was the first time seeing her since I trained her. 8 months....thats so long! It was so good to see her, as well as Sister Doty. MLC was really good as well. We talked about finding more people in the mission and then President Nicholas came out with some new Standards of Excellence. Its going to really push our mission to work more effectively and I think we're going to see a lot of good things come from it. I really appreciate how much President Nicholas takes what we say at MLC into consideration, he shows so much respect to all of his missionaries. I've learned a lot from him as well. It was good to see the city again :) I heard that Andy and Kenora are doing really well which makes me happy and I got a cute little package from a family in Chestermere they sent me a scarf and a cute little note. It was completely unexpected and made me grateful for the friendships I still have from my old areas.  

Saturday and Sunday we're just spiritually filling. We're so blessed to have a prophet on the earth and to know that he's speaking from God. I really enjoyed Elder Nelsons talk on faith and Elder Ballards talk with Following up. We had a neat experience during the sessions when we were walking back to apartment for lunch. We were trying to contact a referral but they weren't home and we saw an older lady taking her groceries in. So I walked over and grabbed some of her groceries out of her truck and offered to help. She was soooo grateful for our help! I invited her to conference but she declined but did take a card. I didn't know if anything would come of it but this morning her sister called and left us a message! She said how kind we were for helping her and that she wants us to come over so she can meet us. Good things happen when we do service! 

I love you all and am so grateful for your example to me! I hope you all have a great week! 

Sister M.

Sister Blommaert and Sister Martin!

Sister Martin and Sister McDade! 

Sister Doty, Sarah and Sister McDade.

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