Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transfer Week!

Hello family! 

Its nice to know grandpas funeral went well. Sister Zuidhof showed me pictures from the funeral and it looked nice. I wish I could have seen all the cousins I hope the whole family knows I love them lots and lots!

So guess what its transfers and guess what?!? I'm being transferred! Its so sad! I just cried during sacrament on Sunday because I just had this feeling I would be leaving. I love Taber so much and I think I needed to be here more for me than for anyone else, I've learned SO much. I'm staying somewhere in the South so no Calgary for me :( kind of makes me sad but I know that Heavenly Father is putting me in my next area for a reason. I'll let you know later on this week. President has given us permission to email you later this week if we're being transferred to figure out mothers day phone calls! Can't believe I'll be seeing all your cute faces in a couple of days! 

So this week was good. (Every week is good as a missionary) So we did some service on Tuesday for on of my favorite ladies in the 3rd ward. She has taught me so much. We helped her pack some things since her family is moving..luckily they're staying here in Taber. We then taught our investigator Mardy about Family History work and he LOVED it. He loves the fact that it connects to the temple. He is so excited to take names to the temple....he just needs to be baptized! Thats one thing I'm sad about. I'm going to miss some really special people's baptisms. I'm confident in saying that 3 or 4 of the people we're working with will be getting baptized in the next little while. They're all so close, I'm happy in knowing I did my part to help them draw closer to Christ. 

On Wednesday I went to the dentist and you should all be proud in knowing I have no cavities! Thats the biggest miracle in itself since people just love shoving desserts down our throats hahaha but really they feed us good here in Canada. But I'm happy that my teeth are nice and clean haha anyways we had a good lesson with Krystal, I loved sitting there as Sister Mortensen was speaking and seeing how much she's changed in the last 4 months. She's so much happier than when we first met her and the gospel has just done wonders for her and her family. The gospel is for everyone and I've really come to learn that out here on my mission. We went and had a couple of good lessons and then taught our investigator Matt that night. He told us that he just soaks everything in like a sponge which he does. He's awesome. There's just some awesome people in this world who have no concerns. 

On Thursday we went to the food bank and it was sweet! They were really needing some help and everyones attitude towards missionaries have changed there. We then went and helped some old ladies with their garden. It was so nice outside I loved just soaking in the sun! These ladies are hilarious as well. They are the ones we met walking home from conference and helped them carry in their groceries. We then did weekly planning..........I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU ABOUT THIS ONE! please remind me when I come home...or skype this week hahaha SO funny. Anyways that night we taught mission prep and it was super fun! I love being a sub for mission prep. Its just crazy that I'm not in that stage anymore! It makes me so sad. 

Talking about being sad...we went to Calgary on Friday for MLC and I was just so sad! It finally hit me that I only have 4 months left! I was just crying the whole time hahaha lots of tears this past week. There are 4 sisters that are now STL's and I used to be their STL and then I looked over and saw Sister Estrada my MTC comp and got emotional thinking how the MTC was so long ago and then I looked over and saw Sister Doty and remembered all those good times and then saw Sister Blommaert and cried more thinking of when I was training her in Calgary. So many good missionaries and memories. I got up and bore my testimony on revelation and the priesthood, knowing we were all called to the Canada Calgary Mission for a reason. We're all assigned to our areas for a reason and have our companion for a reason. I've learned that the only bad companion you can have is one you don't learn from. Friday night the Stirling sisters came over Sister Olpin and Sister Shumway and they stayed the night so we could blitz Taber the next day. Those are 2 sisters that I'm going to really miss. 

On Saturday we woke up and headed to the little village of Grassy Lake and went tracting hahahah me and Sister Shumway went to one side of the street and Sister Mortensen and Sister Olpin went to the other side of the street. So I just have the most awkward story everrrrrr. In Grassy there are a lot of Mennonites and just to remind you most of these people speak german and have a completely different culture then we do so its always a fun time in Grassy. Me and Sister Shumway knocked on a house and I swear they told us to come on in. That would be the first mistake. The second mistake is that most people in Canada don't use their front doors and only use their side doors. So I proceeded to open their door and it seemed to not be opening so then I pushed harder and pretty much broke their door down...literally I think I broke the door. The other side was duck taped and had furniture blocking the door it so then I quickly shut the door and me and Sister Shumway sat on the porch, just waiting for the Mennonite lady to come and yell at us but then no one came.....I know they saw us open the door. So then we just awkwardly walked away. I would not be surprised if they called the police on us! haha hilarious. Then we taught some lessons and then the sisters left and we went out to Barnwell for dinner. They had us and the Barnwell Elders. Elder MacDuff and Elder Pitts. It was super fun because we ate dinner with some families that used to be less-active and have now been coming back to church. I've seen a lot of progress with less-active members here in Taber. 

Sunday I was just super emotional thinking I would be leaving this cute little town. The best part of the day was when our investigator Mardy bore his testimony. It was so powerful and the whole congregation was crying. He got up and bore his testimony on the restoration and how we're all here because of one simple prayer given by a 14 year old boy. He also gave me and Sister Mortensen a shout out so that just made my day. 

I've been super blessed to be serving here in Taber. Its been the best. I love my mission and its been the best thing I've ever done. I love you all and can't wait to talk to you Sunday!

Sister Martin

Sister McDade and Sister Martin at MLC's. 

Sister Shumway and Sister Martin tracting in Grassy

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