Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello family! 

What a week!  So guess what?!? Me and Sister Mortensen are both staying in Taber! I'm really happy about it, I just didn't feel like I've done everything I'm supposed to do here. Its going to be a good upcoming transfer!

So this past week we were super busy! I loved it! We went on exchanges with the Forestry Sisters again and I went to Lethbridge with Sister Jones. They're doing super good in their area right now, we went and taught their investigator and the first thing she said is "I still want to be baptized...what do I need to do?" I LOVE that. So I shared D&C 20:37 and she was just so excited to prepare for her baptism. When we were walking home after that lesson Sister Jones asked me how she can become a good teacher like I am......that just made my day! I don't even feel like I'm that good of a teacher but Sister Jones is pretty new so I just explained that it comes with time and that we constantly need to be working on our teaching skills throughout our missions. I think by the time I feel like I'm super good at being a missionary I'll be on the plane coming home. 

The next day was awesome! We went and taught a lady from Sudan and we were helping her with her english with reading from the Bible. She was hilarious! I wrote down a lot of words in Dinka as well! She was such a neat lady. Then when I got back to Taber we went and ate lunch and this lady started drinking some beer and I was just drinking my little juice box and she just didn't seem happy. She thought she was but I was just so grateful for the gospel which brings true happiness to our life. Then we went and over and taught a lady who is 90 years old! She's been having a hard time because 2 of her children have passed away and she's pretty bitter about it. So we taught the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! She was writing down scriptures that we were sharing and she said that she felt so much peace...peace that she hadn't felt in a very long time. She wanted us to come back the following Monday so we went back yesterday and taught the Restoration to her. I can't believe I'm teaching a 90 year old....soooooo cooooool!

The next day we went on exchanges again with Stirling Sisters and Sister Olpin came to Taber with me. I LOVE SISTER OLPIN SO MUCH! Oh my goodness....the sad thing was no one was home and everything got cancelled hahaha she had a good attitude about it. We did teach a girl that we haven't been able to get a hold of for like 2 months now and the girl ended up coming to church this past Sunday which made me really happy. 

Me and Sister Olpin did Meals on Wheels on Friday and had a good time. I love service its such a good way to find people in the mission. We also had a super awesome dinner appointment that night. There was a girl there who has been deaf since 8th grade and she's had a pretty hard life, she's older now and has never had a cell-phone to communicate to people with and that night she got her own cell-phone for the first time. We taught her how to text and use it and I've honestly never seen someone so happy in my life. It was the cutest thing ever. We would send her a text and she would just start laughing and would get the biggest smile on her face, this is the first time she could truly talk with people because she's been pretty isolated. I loved being able to help her. Saturday I got antied pretty bad...it was the saddest thing of my life. The man was telling us all these made up lies and told me and Sister Mortensen that we were brainwashed when we were little. I did everything I could to not cry. I then bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon and the Priesthood and we left. These poor people don't know what they're missing out on!

On Saturday night I prayed so hard that we would see a miracle and that we would have a non-member show up to church that was ready for the gospel. That Sunday we had 2 non-members come and we taught one of them Sunday night and we're teaching the other one tonight! I know with out a doubt that God hears our prayers. Such a little miracle that I'm so happy about. The one boy that we taught Sunday is such a good guy! I asked him why he wanted to meet with us and he said that he wants to strengthen his relationship with Christ. What a good guy! We're teaching him again on Thursday. 

We taught a lot of lessons yesterday and by a lot I mean 3 but that's good for one day and our one investigator who's been struggling with smoking is doing so much better he's cut down from 2 packets a day to 1 and he asked me how he could get a hold of one of us to let us know when he's getting baptized just in case we got transferred. I was SO SO SO happy to hear that! He wants to be baptized and he knows that the gospel is true. We just need to continue to help him, we taught him about fasting and he said that he would try fasting to help him overcome his addictions. 

I'm grateful that Heavenly Father is helping us to find more people to teach....there was definitely a period of time where we needed to learn patience since we weren't finding anyone to teach and I know that Heavenly Father has blessed us for working hard. 

I'm so grateful to be able to stay here in Taber for another transfer. I've learned so much from the people here that has not only helped me in my mission but that will help me throughout my life. There are so many wonderful families here that I just love. 

I hope you all have a good week! I love you all so much!

Sister M.

"I love these people so much! We've been going over and teaching them since we first got here and they went to the Temple this past week! I was so so so happy for them!" 

Sarah's district in Taber 

Sarah and Babs.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello family! 

How is everything going?? 

This week was such a good learning experience for me on the mission and I guess in life in general. I really really love Taber because of all the good things I've learned here.

Last Tuesday we were teaching one of our investigators and he was so funny! He said "SISTERS! YOU'VE TRULY CHANGED ME! I used to not pray and now I feel awful if I don't pray!" He talked about how his relationship with Heavenly Father is changing and it was awesome. He also said "I know I'm not baptized yet but I tell everyone that I'm a Mormon" How cool is that! He talks to all his friends about the church as well. It made me super happy. 

Wednesday we helped with Meals on Wheels and it was awesome because people had to actually let us into their homes! Ha they couldn't turn down the food. Thats why I've decided I need to go tracting with food hahaha just kidding but really it was good for us because we actually got to meet a lot more less-active members and talk with some really cool non-members. I love doing service. We had some really funny things happen as well that made me and Sister Mortensen laugh foreverrrrrr. We had a good lesson with one of our less-actives that is doing really well. She's made so much progress! We're hoping to help them make goals of getting married soon and to make it to the temple in a year or so. We also were finally able to get in with a couple that our bishopric has wanted us to see for awhile and when we walked in the lady asked us "I'm excited to learn from you today!" Its so cool how she knows our purpose....that we're there to teach and invite. That night we did splits with one of our wards and I went out with a girl who has her mission call. We went and saw a lady and she was sooooooo excited that we stopped by because she wanted to tell us about all the missionary work she's been doing! Oh and I forgot to tell you that this lady is 95! She invited two of her friends to church. I was so proud of her. We can do missionary work at any age:) We don't have any excuse to not share to gospel. 

Thursday we did weekly planning and then a couple invited us over to talk about sharing the gospel with their neighbors. We helped them with knowing what to do and then hopefully we'll be able to all get together soon so we can meet them! Honestly I know I have said this 1000000000 times but the members are awesome here in Taber. I've seen so many of them getting excited about missionary work. Late on Friday we went out to Medicine Hat for exchanges and I stayed in Medicine Hat with Sister Butler. We were able to get a lot of things done when we were there and it was awesome! Sister Butler was amazing, such a hard worker. I learn a lot from these people. Every single person I come into contact with here in Canada I've learned something from them. For example when we were in Med Hat we went to a home where the husband served a mission but isn't really active any more and it broke my heart! It made me realize how important it is that when I go home I continue to work hard in the gospel and that the person I marry realizes how important it is to endure to the end. 

Friday when I got back to Taber it seemed like every body knew we were coming to their house and they purposely fled the country. Ok thats a little dramatic but for reals no one answered their doors. We then went to a members home who we haven't met yet and they were awesome! I wish we had more time to spend with the members here because I love them dearly. 

Saturday is a special day its the day we get ready for Sunday! Elder Nelson from the 12 came and spoke to us missionaries and it was sweet! He talked a lot about after the mission and making sure we marry someone who loves God more than us. Good advice. Good advice. Elder Holland was in Lethbridge as well and he had a meeting with all the bishops and he told the bishops that they made Preach My Gospel to convert the missionaries because then they would be able to convert those around them. It just made me realize even more how important PMG is. Every member home should have a copy and read from it. 

Sunday was awesome. The Stake President pulled us aside and wanted to know about all the work thats happening in our wards. I was so impressed with him taking the time to talk with us. He wanted to know what he could do to help us. He also told us how much he appreciates us and how we've been such a blessing to the Stake of Taber. Its just what I needed to hear and was an answer to prayer. Sometimes I feel like I could be doing more but I don't know how and then I get frustrated but it was good to hear that from him. 

So last night was one of the funnest nights on my mission. We had dinner with some members out in Grassy Lake and had FHE with the Mennonite family and honestly it was just so much fun. Both families are awesome and I just felt so much love for both of them. We started singing I'm a Child of God and all of the children from the mennonite family knew the words. The spirit was so strong. It was a powerful witness that we're all children of God no matter what religion we are.

Transfers are next week......I have no idea whats going to happen! I guess we'll find out next week! Anways this week I learned a lot about families and how I want my future family to be. I'm definitely grateful for the family that I have because you guys are all wonderful!

Sister M. 

Cute little quote outside a Christian Church. 

Sister Martin and Sister Butler on exchanges!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Evil Hamster / Calgary / Lots of Church


Hello to everyone I love so much! 

How is everything going?? So we got out of the negatives and its warm! I've also been in Canada a year now! How crazy is that?? Best year of my life for sure. 

So this past week we went on exchanges with the Forestry Sisters. I stayed here in Taber with Sister Jones she's been out for 8 weeks. Its always fun to go on exchanges with new missionaries.....they have so much faith and are so excited about the work. I loveit! We went to stake correlation that night and we have so many good things happening in the Taber Stake! The members here are so awesome. I've never been in a stake that wants to meet with all the missionaries and see what they can do to help us. The next morning we had a sweet lesson with our investigator on recognizing the Holy Ghost. I think as members sometimes we forget that people don't realize what the Holy Ghost is. When we started teaching her about the feelings of the spirit she realized that she's been feeling the spirit every time we've been teaching her. We also had a really good lesson with one our less-active members after that and Sister Jones did such a great job teaching her. She's so confident for not being out very long, I wish I could have been more confident when I first came into the mission but it does make me happy with how much I've grown. We then went and saw our other investigator because he wasn't feeling too good the day before and had to cancel.....I just feel bad because I think I've gotten all our investigators sick.....ooooops! Good thing people are feeling better now!

We traveled back to Lethbridge and then went to Stirling where we split up with the Stirling sisters to go out to Stirling and New Dayton. Sister Olpin went and tracted out New Dayton....small crazy town hahaha but in Stirling Sister Olpin and Sister Shumway are doing SO GOOD. Stirling is a tiny lds community and they just keep finding new investigators. It makes me so happy when all these other areas are doing good as well. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with a less-active lady who's decided to go to a different church....which just breaks my little heart! But we've established a really good relationship with her and she wants us to come by every week and teach her, we had a really good lesson on the priesthood. The priesthood is so cool! I can't even explain how much I love the priesthood and how grateful I am that we have it on the earth again. That night me and Sister Mortensen were at a house having a lesson and they let me hold their hamster and it was just the cutest little thing so then I gave it to Sister Mortensen to hold and the FUNNIEST thing happened. There was a dog that barked and scared the hamster, it started freaking out and going crazy and then it bit Sister Mortensen super hard. She couldn't get it to stop biting her thumb so she tried to give it to me but then she ended up throwing it across the room.....hahaha I was trying so hard to not laugh but I just felt bad for the little hamster that got thrown. I've never seen someones thumb bleed so much ha poor Sister Mortensen. Luckily the hamster was okay and the members weren't mad about it. 

On Friday we drove up to Calgary and MLC's were good. We were trained on inviting and extending commitments to our investigators. It was good because me and Sister Mortensen are working on being more bold with our investigators. I think Taber has really helped me grow as a missionary. 

On Saturday we had a church tour with one of our investigators that went really well, we were hoping it would help her overcome her fears of church but sadly she didn't come on Sunday. It's always disappointing when your investigators don't show up. I did give a talk in one of the wards we cover and it went really well. I spoke on inviting others to come unto Christ and I think the members enjoyed it. With the time change it made Sunday a super long day hahaha we had ward council at 7:15 and church and then more ward council and then more church and then we had to go and help at a sacrament meeting at an assisted living home. 3 sacrament meetings! Such a long day but very spiritually uplifting. 

The weather is getting better which means my mood is better :) hahaha Transfers are in 2 weeks which is crazy! I have no idea what will happen. The mission just goes by too quickly! I hope everything is good at home. I love you all!

Sister Martin

A Durian fruit that Sarah tried. 

 When Sister Martin and Sister Olpin went tracting in New Dayton.

"Sister Mortensen and I were invited out to a members home on p-day to roast hot-dogs. Super fun!" 

Sarah's district on P-day. Elder Ciminski, Elder Brock, Elder Pitts, Sister Mortensen, Me and Elder MacDuff.  

 Sarah was so happy to be around horses again!

"This cute little girl wanted us to teach her all the lessons before her baptism. Its so fun teaching little children:)"

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Frozen Tundra Again!


Its back to -30 here! How is it there?? You better not be complaining because somedays I feel like my eyelashes are going to fall off haha. This week was rough because Sister Mortensen and I are still sick but we pressed forward and still got a lot done. (Also I just realized I forgot my planner which tells me everything we did in the past week so this email might be short because I think I suffer from short-term memory loss) Anyways yes still sick. But Wednesday we had our district meeting and it was really good. We had a recent convert come to out meeting he's probably one of the coolest people I know. He was baptized last year and he's 79 years old. He told us all about his conversion process and we practiced teaching him different lessons it was awesome. 

We went to one of the less-active members houses later that day to teach her since we have a weekly appointment with her every Wednesday and she was super sick as well as all of her kids. I think the whole town is sick right now.....so sad. That night we went to a lesson with a member and after he asked us if we would like blessings so we got them and it was so nice. There was a lot of things said that brought me a lot of comfort. Those members are awesome, they also gave us a humidifier to use and some medicine. I felt very taken care of :)

Thursday we got to go on exchanges which was so good! We went with Medicine Hat and Sister Clabaux came with me to Taber. She knew that it was my one year birthday in the mission so she brought me a cupcake...so sweet! I love her! She's originally from France and is so awesome, such a good missionary. We got a lot done and I loved being able to get to know her better. We got to go to mission prep that night and talk with the young adults planning on serving missions here in the stake and it made me realize how much I've grown and learned since first getting my call. Its been a good year! I LOVE my mission that's for sure. Me and Sister Clabaux had such a cool experience on Friday. I had a feeling that we needed to go visit our investigator but it didn't make any sense because she was supposed to be out of town. Anyways we stopped by and she was home! She was super frustrated though because she was trying to put a treadmill together and the only instructions she had were in french and she can't read french. It was perfect because Sister Clabaux can! So we got to help her put her treadmill together and she was so happy that we came by. She even said that Heavenly Father sent us there. She's such a cool lady and I'm so grateful we have the opportunity to know her and teach her. 

On Saturday we got to go to the temple! OH MY GOODNESS! I love the temple! What a good experience. We got invited by a girl who was going because she's leaving on her mission next month. It was fun to be there with so many people from the ward. I felt at home. I had so many prayers answered that I've been praying about for the last 2 months or so. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers we just need to be patient. I felt so peaceful about everything in my life right now and know everything will just continue to work out when we trust in God's plan. I wish I could go to the temple every week because its just such a good place. 

Hopefully Sister Mortensen and I can fully recover for this week! We have a lot going on. We have exchanges today and then MLC's on Friday. It will be good :) 
I love you all and hope you're having a good week! 

Sister M.

At district meeting with Brother Marco! (a convert of a year) 

Sister Clabaux and the cupcake she got Sarah. 
(for Sarah's one year birthday on her mission)

"Me and Sister Clabaux again! Love her so much!" 

"Me and Sister Mortensen! It was so cold in this picture!"