Friday, April 25, 2014

What a crazy week! Literally I don't think I've ever had such a crazy week. 

I forgot to tell you that last week on P-Day we went to Henderson Lake and it was so fun since the weather was so nice! I would be so happy if I never saw snow again...but really though. We caught a crayfish and that was sweeeet I guess. We went out to Grassy Lake after emails last week and I just love the people out there. Sister Mortensen went tracting out there but I'm pretty sure once we knock on one door all the Mennonites call each other and warn each other that we're no one answered their doors. We did eat dinner with my favorite people ever the Torries, she made us Thai food and it was SO yummy! We then quickly drove out to Barnwell because the young women wanted us to come out and talk to them about being a sister missionary. I felt the spirit so strongly when I was talking to these cute little mia-maids. They all have such strong testimonies and I hope that I maybe helped one of them think more about serving a mission because its honestly the best thing I've ever done. That night we taught one of our investigators and it was good, he has a lot of family pressure which is sad but he has such a good sincere heart to do whats right. I'm just grateful for the family that I was born into because I have been blessed so much.

Oh remember how I said I didn't want any more snow? Yeah bad idea on Wednesday we were tracting and it started snowing. And I was just like REALLY? really?? I just need to take a mini vacation to an island. Haha no not really but maybe. We did stop by the food bank and they told us that they would love for us to come and do service so I was happy about that. We taught our investigator that night the Law of Chasity and he was so happy because he said that this is the first time he felt like he's doing something completely right and that he doesn't have a problem with any of it! Whew thats a relief! Then we went to a Relief Society activity and one of our old investigators came as well. I was super happy about that. 

We ended up going to the Food Bank on Thursday and it was sweet because this guy thought we were just there as students but then we explained that we're missionaries and he said "Oh! you must be the sisters that are teaching my friend! He speaks so highly of you!" Sure enough one of his friends is our investigator and its so fun when our investigators start doing missionary work. After that we kept getting all these texts of people cancelling appointments and then we went to contact referrals and no one was interested and it just seems like all our investigators are disappearing and at this point I was just kind of done. We went to a house and as Sister Mortensen was praying I just started laughing to deal with my stress because at this point I thought there was no point to keep working. Sister Mortensen just stopped the prayer and looked at me like I was crazy and started crying.....ha it was a good moment for both of us. We then had a really good conversation on increasing our faith and how we just need to trust in God. We then felt like we needed to go somewhere else and we drove down the street and before we went to knock on the house I told Sister Mortensen that if they weren't home then we could go get a blizzard at DQ because remember it was just that kind of day. They didn't answer so we were about to get into our car and then this guy said hello to us and asked us what we were up to. We started talking to him and explained that we're missionaries and asked if he wanted to learn more and he said "Why not" So we started teaching him on his porch and then his mom pulled up in her car and came and we started teaching her as well. They asked us if we could have a closing prayer and for the address of the church. They also want us to come back and keep teaching them. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! We just got 2 new investigators! We then had to run back to our house to get our phone and talked to another lady on the street, taught her about the restoration and prayer and got a return appointment with her! Miracles! Heavenly Father is so mindful of us. 

Friday we had interviews with President. THANK GOODNESS. I just feel so much better after interviews. He just makes me feel like I'm doing a good job and that I need to stop stressing so much. I'm so grateful for him and his wife. We later went on exchanges with Stirling and Sister Shumway came here with me. We decided to go stop by our new investigators and we get in there and they bring up the fact that they have been thinking about baptism and one of them wants to be baptized! Me and Sister Shumway were in shock! He asked "Is there a way for me to change? Is it possible for me to be baptized?" I WAS SO HAPPY. There is a way to change and prepare for baptism and its called the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So many good things. 

Saturday we finished our exchange, helped the Stirling sisters prepare for their baptism and then dyed eggs with some members. It was so fun!! Also we had dinner with a lady that we stopped teaching a few weeks ago and she talked to us about how we've helped her and that there will be a lot of people that miss us when we're gone. I always appreciate when people tell me that. We were walking home that night and another man just pulled over and told us how much we've been helping his family as well. It just gave me the boost that I needed. 

I'm not going to go into a lot of details about Sunday because it honestly just wasn't that good. I was disappointed because I was expecting a really good Easter Sunday but it was kind of an epic fail to top of a crazy week.  But I am grateful for my Savior and His atonement and Resurrection. Because of those things we can overcome spiritual and physical death and that brings so much peace an joy into my life. We're very blessed to know these things.

The mission is just so up and down but I still think its worth it. Thanks for all the support. I love you all! 

Sister M.

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