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How is everything going?? Easter is this week! How great is that?? We get to focus our thoughts more on our Savior and the atonement. 
So here's my invitation this week everyone should go to lds.org and watch the new video called Because of Him its sweet! And perfect for Easter. 

So remember how last week we just decided to stay in Taber for P-Day.....not the best idea we've ever had. I love Taber but its not like there's a whole lot going on here....the whole town disappears on the weekends and goes to Lethbridge so we should have followed their example and left for Lethbridge on P-Day. So we stayed here, went to a park because the weather was SO nice. 20 degrees Celsius and was reading in the park. We ended up taking a nap and then a bee stung Sister Mortensens leg! Which is not that big of a deal but she's ALLERGIC. Yup. Her leg swelled up and started to do this weird blister thing and it was just horrible. The whole week was kind of rough because her leg was in so much pain. We did have dinner with a family that we've helped reactivate that night and it just boosted my mood to see their progression. They now want to share the gospel with their friends and family. We also met with a lady that we've never met with before thats been inactive her whole life. She was the nicest lady ever! I just wish these people would realize that their life would have so much more meaning and happiness if they lived the gospel. 

The next day we went and did service for the ladies we met on the street the previous week. They were great! We just helped wash their windows and then they asked us about what we do as missionaries and we just shared things with them on what we teach people it was really good. They were super sweet as well and made sure to make us hot chocolate and not coffee haha it made me laugh. OH I ALSO FORGOT TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED THAT MORNING! Oh it was awful. This isn't related to missionary work but it just tells you again that me and Sister Mortensen had a rough week hahaha oh boy. So at the beginning of my mission I was having stomach pains and then I just stopped drinking milk and had stopped up until last week. I decided to buy some milk, I bought some and that was a horrible decision. I got super bad pains again and threw up right before service. I'm sorry if that was too much info but now I just look back and laugh because I felt super sick and Sister Mortensen couldn't walk hahaha too funny. 
We taught Mardy and it was sweet. He's been struggling with knowing that President Monson is a prophet we went back to the basic principle of faith and how faith is whats going to help him get his answer. 

Wednesday was sweet! We had our Zone Training Mtg and me and Sister Mortensen trained on developing our faith to find. We role-played a lot of street contacting as well. We then came back and guess what we did?? Yup street contacting and it was actually pretty good. Not a lot of people out on the streets but we did find a lot of potentials that want us to come back! We also had this inactive member call us the day before and told us that he wants to meet with us. We had a sweet lesson! We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tried to help him with his concerns and then he prayed at the end. I love hearing simple heartfelt prayers from these people who haven't talked with their Heavenly Father in a long time, makes me realize that I need to put more effort into my prayers. 

Thursday I traveled out to Medicine Hat to go on exchanges with Sister Hernandez-Alfaro she's awesome! She's been out for 9 weeks and is just a fire-ball. We were so busy and she was always asking me how she could improve. Thats such a good attitude to have. Always asking what we can do to improve. On Friday we had to language study and as she studied her english she made me read out of her Spanish Book of Mormon, I was surprised by how many words I remembered from my Spanish classes in Jr. High. It made me wish I could speak a different language though. She can speak 4! Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. So crazy.

Saturday we decided to walk everywhere, We got a lot done but it was really cold and snowy in the morning. I'M STARTING TO THINK THAT THE SNOW WILL NEVER GO AWAY. Thats okay though. Its all good. I just miss summer haha. 

On Sunday we had 2 of our investigators at church and I felt like all the talks were specifically for them. It was awesome. I really tried to focus in on the sacrament prayers and it just made me really appreciate the atonement and the fact we get to renew our covenants every week. 

I hope you all have a great Easter week! I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all the amazing people in my life. I feel very blessed! 

Sister M

Sister Martin and Sister Mortensen on their P-Day enjoying the warm weather. :)

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