Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family!! I love you!! It was SO good to talk to you on Christmas. Oh my what a crazy week. I honestly can't believe Christmas is over......this whole time on my mission I've been waiting for it to come and now its over. The mission is just going way too fast.

Anyways the rest of the week was good! I went out to Medicine Hat on Thursday for the last exchange of the transfer. When we were in Med Hat we were walking around and my feet got so soaked....the bottom of my shoes are kind of missing so I guess it makes sense hahaha I finally caved and decided to buy new shoes on the mission. Hopefully these last the rest of my mission! Also on Saturday the baptism went really well :) Barb was so ready for it and I'm so grateful I had the chance to teach her. I gave a talk on baptism and I think it went ok hahaha I think its just better for me to not give talks...especially when I get so emotional at baptisms. So our zone has been working so hard to accomplish our zone goals this transfer. We wanted 28 new investigators 26 investigators at church and 10 baptized or on date. We got 31 new 26 to church and 8 baptized or on date. SO CLOSE! We were working so hard to accomplish them. It made me and Sister Doty a little bit the point where we met with a random lady taught her the first lesson and invited her to be baptized in 10 minutes hahahaha it was the funniest thing of my life. She said she wants to be baptized but needs to read the Book of Mormon first. CRAZIEST THING OF MY LIFE!! We didn't get her on a specific date but we're meeting with her again this upcoming week. Miracles happen when you work hard. We also got another one of our investigators on date to be baptized in the first part of February. Literally there are so many things happening in this area! Oh did I mention I'm being transferred! Ha its funny how things happen. When I got to this area it was completely dead and now there are so many things happening and I'm leaving. Its ok though I feel like I've done what I needed to in this area.

Today we went snowshoeing in Waterton. It was SO nice to be back in the mountains with trees and a bunch of snow :) I loved it!

Anyways this email will be another short one. Sorry! I need to pack my bags and I talked to you last week on the phone so its ok :) I love you all! Thanks for being the best family ever.

Sister M.

Snowshoeing with the McLeod family! 


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