Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'M SERVING IN THE small TOWN OF TABER! Its super famous for its corn :) Thank goodness its not corn season. I already ate too much corn when I was in Lethbridge in the fall. So saying goodbye to my last area was pretty hard. It was super hard to say goodbye to Sister Doty. She was such an awesome companion. I worked hard in Lethbridge and I have no regrets. I want to leave each and everyone of my areas with no regrets and so far its been good. My new companion is Sister Mortensen from Cortez Colorado! Small world. Taber is a farming community and its 8000 people they also grow sugar beets and potatoes. Me and Sister Mortensen are the first sisters in Taber in over 30 years. We're literally famous. Hahaha the members are LOVING us. Like literally I don't think we could do anything wrong they just adore us here. I'm over 2 wards which will be different since I've only been over 1 ward my whole mission. 6 hours of church! And with meetings we start at 7:30am and go until 4:00pm crazy eh? I'm still an STL and I still cover Med Hat and East Lethbridge, I'm now over 4 companionships of sisters instead of 8 which will be super nice! 

All the people in Taber are super nice. Its just funny thinking in my first area I was over an area of 35,000 people in my last area I was in an area of 8,000 and now I'm over an area of probably 2,000. Haha President just keeps putting me in smaller and smaller areas. Its way fun though!

We don't have any investigators right now but that will change! Don't you worry. Our goal is to work hard to meet and get to know all the members, I think they'll be are biggest tool to find investigators.

We were supposed to go to MLC's last week but while we were driving up there President called and said for us to turn around because the weather was so bad in Calgary so it got moved to this Friday. It will be so nice to go to Calgary and see everyone....aka Sister Doty! hahaha 

Also CRAZY story! At transfer station I was asked to play the piano.......crazy I know. I've gotten a little better but still not that good. Anyways I was playing the piano and a new Elder came in and pointed and said "Its Sister Martin!" I have no idea who it is and he's from Germany anyways he came up to me and said that he's been reading my blog! Hahaha all the way from Germany!

So the weather is getting better! It got way cold again...-30 but now its -16 which is super warm! Ha I'm going to be able to handle any winter after this. 

Hopefully things go well here in Taber! I'm super excited to be here and to learn what I need to learn. I love my mission, it makes me sad every time I think about how fast its going. Its been such a blessing in my life to be out here and to learn not only what I need to do to be a better member when I go home but how to be a more Christlike person for the rest of my life.

I hope schools going well for Sam and Kate! Keep up the hard work! Sam I just got a letter from you! thank you! You'll be getting one soon :) I love you family thanks for everything!

Sister M.

"Bye Lethbridge and Sister Doty :) I love you!!" 

Sister Jones, Sister Shumway, Sister Mortensen, Me, Sister Matangi, Sister Butler.
Here are some of the sisters that Sarah is over. They're all awesome missionaries! 

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