Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

What a week!! Being a missionary around Christmas time is the best thing ever :) I love teaching people about Christ. We taught a lot of lessons this past week which was such a miracle. We got a new investigator as well! I've seriously never been so busy on my mission! I LOVE IT! We went on 2 exchanges this past week, trying to fit them all in before the end of the transfer. One of our investigators dropped us a few weeks ago but we stopped by and started teaching her again. She told us that she doesn't want us to give up on her yet and that she still wants to be baptized. She was so happy to have us there and it was such an awesome experience. We had this crazy experience when we were teaching Barb. She looooooves her coffee like so much! But I promised her that she could quit the next day. Anyways the next day she went to go drink a cup and all the coffee in her cupboard was missing! She tore everything out but she could find no coffee even though she had just bought some. Miracles!! Also we met this man out on the street a few weeks ago. Like we litterally pulled over on the side of the road and jumped out at him. He's from mexico and is super nice. There was a Spanish baptism this past weekend and we invited him and he came! I love feeling the spirit even though I had no idea what they were saying! Anyways I'll keep this short because I get to talk to you tomorrow!! YAY! I'm so excited! Anways the gospel is amazing :) Thanks for everything you do :)

Sister M

Merry Christmas from Sarah!! 

Sister Doty, Sister Martin, and their District Leader Elder Shaw. 

Sarah cut 6 inches off of her hair!!

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