Saturday, January 18, 2014

What a week! Its flying by. We're still trying to get settled and get the hang of everything, luckily the members here in Taber are AMAZING and are still just loving the fact that they have sister missionaries. The members said they went to a basketball game and the whole crowd was talking about the "new sister missionaries" in town hahahahaha hilarious!

So this week consisted of a lot of meetings, meetings with our ward mission leaders, meetings with other members in our ward councils and MLC in Calgary. We've met some incredible people here in Taber and I hope I can be here for awhile. We have so much potential here. LOTS of less-active members LOTS of part-member families. I've never had a ward be so good at trying to get the ward mission process going. The members are setting up appointments for us. They're coming out on splits with us...they're pretty much trying to get everything going for us which is AWESOME. I feel so blessed. We drive out to lots of farms which is fun, Sister Mortensen feels right at home here :) 

Mission Leadership Council was this past friday and it was super good. It's always nice to be back in Calgary. When I got up there I heard one of my investigators from Calgary was recently baptized. Its always nice hearing things like that, knowing my efforts made a difference at the beginning of their conversion. I also got a package from a non-member that I became friends with in Calgary, she wanted to send me a little gift which just made my day. She's planning on being baptized soon as well. At MLC we talked a lot about becoming better leaders for the mission which I loved. We usually focus more on the other missionaries and the mission but it was nice to focus on us as leaders and how we can improve. I felt super humbled leaving MLC and had a lot to reflect on. I have so much I need to improve on to be the best missionary that I can be. I don't think I've ever really lost my focus but its easy to become comfortable where things are at. That's why I think it was so good that I got transferred into a more challenging area than my last one to help me grow and push my limits. And let me tell you it definitely has. We don't have any investigators yet but there are a lot of less-actives that we're starting to work with. We have a lot of members that are working with non-members so hopefully we can start teaching them soon. 

On Saturdays we go over to an assisted living place called Clearview Lodge and read scriptures with some members. They're all over the age of 90 and its great! I love it. They're super blunt with us and I love being able to see their perspective on the scriptures that we're reading. 

On Sunday we had ward council at 7:30 and then church at 9 and then our other ward council at 11:30 and then we were asked to speak at another mini sacrament meeting at Clearview Lodge at 3. SO MUCH CHURCH! I was spiritually fed thats for sure. Ha I've never been so tired in my life. But let me tell you the thing that's SO great! So like I said we were asked to speak at Clearview for their little sacrament meeting. There was around 10 ladies in this tiny room where we held sacrament meeting. The spirit was so strong! The miracle that happened though was we invited this older lady Helen to come, she's been inactive for years and years of her life. For some reason she said she'll come and she partook of the sacrament :) The Bishop told us that this was probably the first time she's taken the sacrament in almost 60 years! Can you believe that? It just made me reflect on how important the sacrament is, we get to renew our covenants...I love that so much! The gospel is awesome. 

I'm hoping we can find some people to teach this week! I keep praying for it and the Lord keeps telling me to be patient.....ha story of my mission! I know the Lord will always bless us for our efforts though. We have exchanges this week as well, hopefully those go good. 

I love you all so much. The Plan of Salvation is a plan of Happiness. I love knowing families can be together forever. 

Sister M. 

Here's Sarah's beautiful friend CJ who just opened her mission call and is going to Toronto!

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