Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snowy Cold Canada has come!!!

Hey Family! 

How are you all? How is Utah doing? I miss you all so much! So this week was hard...hahaha sometimes the mission is just like that I guess. EVERYONE CANCELLED ON US. What the heck? Don't they realize their salvation is on the line? Anyways last Monday we drove out to Fort Macleod for p-day there is really nothing out there but it was fun to see other missionaries. We then had a lesson that night which went really well. We have 600 members in our ward but over 400 of them are less-active or in-active......lots of work to do! Tuesday we were going on exchanges with some of the sisters in Medicine Hat and we were meeting them half way in a small small town named Burdett and we were waiting for the sisters to show up and then we received a phone call from them telling us they were in Brooks! They totally went the wrong way and were headed to Calgary. Crazy girls hahaha I was laughing so hard. We ended up driving back to Taber and waiting for them. Me and Sister Doty also ended up buying a couple of maps of Alberta so we could help these sisters out if needed for next time. Me and Sister Clegg did a lot of service for members in the ward on Wednesday. We went up and down the street and racked leafs for people. A lot of people came out and talked to us which was super good as well. We have a couple of potential investigators from it so that was good. That night me and Sister Doty taught our investigator Jessica the restoration and she loved it! She said that it all made sense and that she would start reading from the Book of Mormon and praying!

Thursday we did our weekly planning and then had to quickly wash our car for car inspections....later that day we found out the companionship who has the cleanest car in the zone gets 300 extra kilometers so then we went back and washed and waxed and made our car look way good!

The next day we had our inspections and guess who won! Me and Sister Doty! Literally our car looked brand new! We then had interviews with President and it went so well. He told me to just keep doing what I'm doing and that he's grateful for all the work I've done for the members, investigators and sisters I'm over. I was so grateful to hear that. Later that day we went to the hospital to visit some people since its in our area and there's a bunch of members who are in it right now....I guess thats what happens when the average age of your ward is over 65 hahaha it was good to see how everyone was doing though.

So it finally snowed here in Canada! Crazy cold. I'm loving everything being covered in white though its great :)

I hope you're all doing well! I love you lots and think about you all the time! Keep praying for missionary opportunities :)


Sister Clegg and Sister Martin 

Clean car!

Their cute little house. 

Their "deer" little friend :) 

First snow fall of the season.

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