Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey family!!! What an amazing week. Sooo hard....but worth it. We retaught our investigator the plan of salvation on Tuesday because the last time we taught it he was on drugs and didn't get anything out of the lesson, but this time he was clear minded and loved the lesson. He even said he wanted to watch general conference with us over the weekend. Tuesday night we had exchanges with the sisters in West Lethbridge and I had Sister Hansen come to my area with me. She is wonderful. I love her! After the exchange she really opened up and told me how grateful she was to be able to learn so much from me.....I was like WHAT?! I learned so much from you! I seriously love getting to know all the sisters better and being able to help them and teach them, its great! We had some really great lessons on Tuesday as well that were all so spirit driven. That's when I know I'm doing things right, when the spirit can just speak through me. Honestly the Holy Ghost is the best tool a missionary can have. We're so blessed to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. On Thursday we drove to Calgary for Mission Leadership Council. I don't know what it is lately but I've been so emotional....probably because Sister LaCrue is so emotional about going home. But during MLC's President Nicholas started talking about how someday we'll be meeting with our Stake Presidents and our name tags will be coming off.....I just started crying thinking that I'm not ready to leave. I'm so grateful I have a year left because I still have so much to learn and do. They're calling one more set of Sister Training Leaders this transfer for up in Calgary because we'll hit our max amount of sisters this transfer having a little over 60. Its hard to believe this mission used to only have 6 sisters! Now there are so many more missionaries...its amazing! 
So how good was general conference??! SO GOOD. Oh my goodness, I was just soaking up every talk. So many things were repeated but everything had a different twist and it was all so spiritual. Also our investigator came and loved President Monson, he also said he learned a lot and loved everything he heard so that was great to hear as well.  Yesterday was super busy for us but it was amazing we had a lot of lessons yesterday and none of them fell through....its so rare when that happens. We also met with our investigator and after we said the prayer we were about to start teaching him and then he said "Wait. Stop right there! haven't sang yet." Hahaha we sang a hymn and tears filled his eyes and he said....every time I hear you sing I feel like there are angels around. Remember how I don't sing!? He loves it though so thats good. He then went on to tell us that he hasn't smoked in 6 days!! He's been a smoker for 40+ years and he also threw all his pornography away. I was so proud of him. He also closed our lesson with such a powerful prayer. I love seeing how the gospel changes people its amazing. He's such a better person now and he's not even baptized yet! We also taught a part member/ less-active family last night and they asked us a  bunch of questions about temples. They seemed so interested in being sealed together so hopefully we'll start teaching them soon! Things are happening, they're just happening super slowly but thats ok. So I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow! Crazy how fast this transfer went. Honestly this transfer has been super hard...way harder than my last two but I've grown so much and have learned so much so its been great.

I love you all so much!

Sister M.

Sister La Crue, Sister Martin, Sister McDade, Sister Estrada 

"My zone after watching conference....don't mind me not wearing shoes. I just love wool socks way to much! " 

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