Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Helloooooo!! Family! I love you! So sorry I only got to email for an hour last week....we have to make up the time we're in the temple on our p-day so we cut out some email time but it was worth it. I just love the temple so much. On Tuesday we met a lot more less-active members in the ward which was really good....we're still struggling to find people to teach but I just can't worry about it anymore. Heavenly Father knows we're working hard and thats all that matters. No effort is ever wasted. We had dinner with a really great part-member family and we're hoping that we can continue to get in and hopefully start teaching her kids. On Wednesday morning we were on exchanges and I was with Sister Butler for the day in my area and we went to go and do service for a lady in our we were helping her around her home and then her husband came downstairs and he was covered in this awful awful disgusting offense to him but it was gross!! He said he had the shingles but seriously this looked way worse than shingles and I started freaking out trying to be nice but I just couldn't concentrate on helping anymore and Sister Butler was freaking out as well. Sister Butler was funny about it though saying that since we're missionaries doing service that we would be protected from the disgusting rash. Later we were talking to a member and they mentioned how there is a measles outbreak in Lethbridge...OH MY GOODNESS. Crazy. He probably just had the measles. Then we had a lesson with a less-active family and they mentioned that they had new neighbors move in and we asked them to invite them over so we could meet them and they got way nervous and said that they weren't ready for that yet. Funny story though.....3 days later we got a phone call from some other missionaries saying that their investigator moved into our area and guess what? Its the exact same neighbors by that family! So we get to teach them anyways and yes we have a new investigator and I'm super happy about it! We had a couple of other lessons that went well that day so I was happy. We then we tried to contact a referral at a homeless shelter which seemed fine but we went kind of later at night and it was kind of sketch....bad idea...we'll have to go back during the day when its bright and sunny outside :) The next day was just our typical planning day and then that night we drove out to Medicine Hat to go on exchanges again and I stayed in Med Hat again. I was with Sister Koller who I actually met like 3 years ago...small world!! But we had a lot of fun in Med Hat, we got an investigator to pray out loud for the first time and it was amazing! I love hearing investigators pray....their prayers are so real and they just bring the spirit in. On Saturday we went around trying to invite less-active and non-members to the Relief Society Broadcast and we got some people to come which I was happy about! The broadcast was way good! I loved how all of it was about covenants. It was great! So things are good and crazy. And also funny moment of the week.....we have atone of natives around here and they all have really cool crazy we were trying to find a lady with the last name of Crying Head and so we stopped at the house we thought they lived at and this lady came to the door and I said "Hi are you Sister Crying Head?" She looked at me like was crazy! And said WHAT? I then asked her if her last name was Crying Head and she just  started shutting the door in my I'm guessing thats a no. Hahaha there are way too many awkward moments on the mission.

 cats of canada :)

Exchanges with the Legacy Sisters. 

Medicine Hat exchanges

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