Thursday, August 1, 2013

You would think that it would be hot in July but just to let you all know I was wearing wool tights and a sweater and a scarf the other day because its sooooo cold! Even Sister B. agrees with me that this is really cold for the month of July. Crazy! Family soak up the heat for me because I miss it!! So another week has just flown by, this week had its unique challenges that's for sure but Heavenly Father continues to bless me and Sister B. every single day.

We taught more lessons this week than we have in a long time which was wonderful. We went to a less-active ladies home and the first thing she says to me is "I have a bone to pick with you!" I got super nervous when she said that and then she goes on to say that she wants me to call her every time I know I'm going to be speaking in church because she doesn't want to come! At first I was so confused but then she got emotional and said "I feel the spirit so strongly when you speak....which makes me cry and I hate crying." Hahaha after that I felt better but its funny because I hate talking in front of people and it still makes me nervous but I'm just grateful Heavenly Father blesses me and lets me speak with the Spirit. After that we had a wonderful lesson on the Holy Ghost with her. I've grown to appreciate the Holy Ghost more on my mission then ever before. We are so blessed to have such a precious gift in our lives.

Thursday night me and Sister B. had the opportunity to go on exchanges with some of the Sisters who serve in South Calgary. I stayed in Chestermere and Sister B. went down south. I got to have Sister Spencer come to Chestermere and it honestly was such a tender mercy to be able to serve with her for a day. We're so similar and had soooooo much fun together.... maybe too much fun.....but I also was feeling the spirit so strongly the entire time. We had the chance to teach a lady who is staying in our area for a short time because her home was damaged from the flood. She's been having such a hard time with the flood so we just read some scriptures with her and cried with her and laughed with her. It really is so rewarding to leave a home and know that you have helped someone feel the spirit. On Friday me and Sister Spencer did some service for a lady in the ward and then we had most of our appointments fall through so we contacted some potential investigators and tried to contact some other people also since this was the first time Sister Spencer has come to Chestermere we obviously had to go eat our lunch by Chestermere lake because its just sooooo pretty. I LOVE CHESTERMERE. Sometimes I get really sad thinking I'm going to be leaving this wonderful area someday. And then other times I think...I need something new hahaha I'm just so torn. I've officially been out for 5 months! Can you believe that? I usually hate counting because it makes time go by so slow. I have this bad habit of telling everyone I've only been out for 3 makes time go by faster hahaha but really though can you believe that? The past 5 months I've learned so much and I will forever be grateful that I decided to serve a mission. So Friday night Sister B. came back which was great because I also just adore her. We went and taught Andy and Kenora about the priesthood......sometimes I just wish the Elders would teach this lesson because I've realized how little I know about the priesthood! Haha but I think we did ok. Also Andy and Kenora said something to me and Sister B. that I will remember forever. They started talking to us and they told us thank you for helping them changes their lives and for teaching them. They started talking about how they've had missionaries in the past teach them but for some reason me and Sister B. made everything make sense. After they said that I just felt the spirit so strongly and just felt so strongly that this was the reason I was in Chestermere to be able to teach Andy and Kenora and see them enter into the waters of baptism.

So on Sunday Andy got the Aaronic priesthood and again it just filled me with joy. They also brought their non-member friend! They're already doing missionary work! I'm so proud of them. They really are the best of the best.

I have some more good news as well! Yesterday we got a phone call from a lady who we've been trying to contact for over a month now. We've called and we've knocked on her door multiple times. Yesterday she called and said she got our number from a random person she works with and that she would really like to meet with us to receive some spiritual guidance. I was shocked! What a great phone call! So we've now set up a time to meet with her on Thursday so hopefully it goes well! We really need more people to teach so I'm excited.
Anyways I'm so grateful to be out here. I'm so grateful to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful family. I love you all and hope you're doing well!!
Sister M.

 Sarah's 5 month mark on her mission!

The adorable kids that Sarah and her companion pass every day. 

 The beautiful Chestermere Lake.

A coyote that that ran away from Sarah and her companion while they were out walking.

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