Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hello family!

Oh my goodness can I just express to you all of how much I just adore you guys. I have the best family in the world and I hope everything is going well for you. This week was so crazy. so fun. so hard. so spiritual.

Monday we had a lesson with these two girls ages 14 and 16 their mom is in another ward in the stake but really wanted sister missionaries to come and teach her daughters who are kind of struggling right now. Me and Sister B. decided we would just teach them like any other investigators and so we started with the restoration. It was honestly the most powerful restoration lesson I've ever taught in the last 6 months of my mission. It really strengthened my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I can't express enough how much I love the Book of Mormon.....its so true! On Tuesday we had another great lesson with our investigator Veronica and she's really excited to find out for herself that the Book of Mormon is true. I really hope and pray that she will recognize the Holy Ghost testifying to her that it is true. We then had another lesson with one of our investigators who dropped us.......she doesn't want to meet with us anymore and it was so sad. She is such an amazing lady with such a great family and its sad to see that she is separating herself from the gospel. Its always a little depressing when an investigator drops you....... the rest of the day didn't really get any better....ha I just love those days....not! Anyways on Wednesday things got a little better we had some really great lessons and did some service for some members in the ward. We had dinner with Andy and Kenora and it was so yummy! I love hearing them talk about the gospel, they have such strong testimonies. They told us how they're working on reading every general conference talk that's ever been given by a prophet....I told them not to overwhelm themselves but they said they love reading the talks because it brings them together and that they want to know what they need to work on. They're incredible. Also Sister Blommaert got a training call!! She was so excited to get that call but also nervous....she'll do great....obviously I trained her....haha just kidding but really she'll do great. I also was super excited because I didn't get a training call so I was thinking I got off the hook and was going to be free this next transfer from corrupting new missionaries.......haha

On Thursday we had the incredible opportunity to go to the temple! I love love love love the temple. I can't say that enough. We got to go with the other sisters, Sister Gonzalez and Sister Olpin who I just adore and Sister Maund took us who is also another lady I just adore. We all went to lunch after and it was just such a great day. After we went and did service for Bridget and continued to help her paint her fence. She's such a great lady and she told us this week that she wants to come to church with us because she really respects what we're doing and wants to learn more. Yay!! 

On Friday we had a super good day we picked up 2 new investigators and went to a meeting for all the new trainers. We only have 7 sisters coming out this transfer...not a lot but I think it made Sister B. happy to know she was called to train. Friday was super hard for me for some reason....I was just feeling super inadequate to be out here and was just feeling super down. Luckily we had some lessons with some really incredible people so that made me happy.

Saturday was good nothing too exciting we had the adult session of stake conference that night and it was really good. The temple president and his wife spoke. The Sunday session of stake conference was really good as well  and it was great seeing people from the old part of the ward. I've really grown to love the people here in the area of Chestermere.

Yesterday(Monday) I got pretty emotional thinking about leaving this area. I can't believe I've been here for 6 months! Crazy. Last night everyone started getting their leadership calls and the Elders kept asking me if I got a call to be a Sister Training Leader.....I just laughed and said that would never happen. 5 seconds later President Nicholas called and told me I've been called to be a Sister Training Leader....what!??? I thought I got off the hook from training and now I get to be over a bunch of sisters. Oh my goodness. It will be fun though, I'll be able to meet a lot more missionaries in the field. I also got an email this morning saying that I'm going down south! I won't be in Calgary anymore. Its going to be something new and totally different but exciting! I'll let you know next week where I'm being transferred to for sure. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister M.

Sister Olpin and Sister Martin 

Sister Martin, Sister Blommaert, Sister Gonzalez and Sister Olpin at the temple :) 

Sister B. and Sister M. 

Sarah's incredible district this past transfer. 

Sarah and Bridget. 

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