Tuesday, August 20, 2013

fireworks & worms & being a missionary.

What a fun week!! I feel like everyday there is something to laugh or cry about...it's better to just laugh it makes life better. We've had a lot of great lessons this past week with investigators, less-active members and part member families. Its been a little rough since they split our ward but its ok. We went around one last time to a bunch of the people we were teaching in Calgary and I was surprised by how emotional I got saying goodbye to people who aren't in the Chestermere ward anymore. I guess I need to get used to saying goodbyes but I've just grown to love these people so much. I'm so grateful for the friendships I'm developing out here. We went and helped this lady paint her fence and it was so fun! The other sisters in our zone came and helped us and as I was painting I found this HUGE worm. HUGE. We told one of the sisters that she should eat it.......so she did. It was hilarious. I got it on film so remind me to show you in a year. I think some people think missionaries are these crazy robots but trust me....we're just as strange as ever. The lady we painted the fence for isn't a member and just thinks its the greatest thing ever that we want to do service for her. I'm reminded of Ammon and how he first served King Lamoni and then was able to teach him later. I feel like that's what is going to happen with this lady. We just need to serve her and love her and then we can hopefully teach her. We then later taught our investigator who is on date to be baptized and the lesson was amazing. We need to take things slow with him but its going really well. Also the Elders will have to finish teaching him since he's not in our ward anymore.....sad. The next day we had a couple of different lessons and we were teaching one investigator and when we told her that our families could be together forever she said that she didn't care to be with her family forever.....WHAT?!?!?? Who says that? I'm so glad I know that families can be together forever and that I want to be with you guys forever, sorry you can't get rid of me :) So this past week Calgary has this event called Global Fest and its so cool! They do these huge firework shows every other night featuring different countries like China, France, England and a couple of others. They do the fireworks in a park right outside our apartment building so we can see them from our apartment. The problem is we never got a parking permit to park in our parking lot  during the firework shows and the police didn't believe we lived there so we spent the night with the other sisters in our zone. Crazy. Luckily we got a permit from the city today so we can now go back to our apartment. It was a little tender mercy though being able to spend the night with the other sisters who are kind of having a hard time right now and it was good that we got to spend time with them.

I think the rest of the week was filled with service......I'm not really sure its all kind of a blur hahaha but it was a good week. We now just need to find things to do in Chestermere and Langdon. Kenora and Andy are in the new ward and at first I was a little worried about that but after talking to them yesterday they'll be just fine. I don't have to worry about them at all. They're so excited to get callings and to help their new ward out. They're wonderful.
Anyways life is good. Some days are really hard but I guess that's just part of missionary work, looking back I love knowing Heavenly Father knows I'm strong enough to handle those trials.
I hope everything is good back home! I love you all and miss you all so much!
Sister M.

Their last dinner with Sister Roda. 

Yay for service! 

"This is Sister Gonzalez she's from Montreal and is HILARIOUS. She speaks Spanish and French and English and I just adore her!"

Emailing their families!

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