Thursday, August 8, 2013

How is everything going?? Tell Utah hello for me! So this past week was great as usual :) I'm really loving the mission. This past week me and Sister B. really focused on finding investigators and Heavenly Father really blessed us for it. We found 2 new investigators and we made an appointment with 1 other so hopefully we'll get one more this week! Very exciting. The work is moving forward!
So on Wednesday I thought I had this bright idea to walk everywhere.....which is fine but my feet hated me after. It made me so grateful for our car hahaha. We walked 1.5 hours to get to a lesson and by the time we got there I just wanted to sleep hahaha but we had this amazing lesson with this lady on the light of Christ and how light attracts light and how we need to surround ourselves with good things. She told us thank you for being such a great example to her. She's trying to quit smoking so she can go to the temple and be sealed with to her husband who passed away a year ago. I have full faith that she can do it, she just needs to rely on the atonement. Also that night we were planning on having a lesson with Andy and Kenora and they invited their friend over to the lesson and so he's one of our new investigators. Andy and Kenora are still doing amazing and they have honestly made the last 2 months so rewarding.

On Thursday we got our other investigator who is wonderful! She really really wants to strengthen her faith in Christ and she grew up 7th day. I invited her to be baptized and she was shocked at first but told me that she would have to pray about it. I just smiled and told her that's all we want her to do is pray about everything we ask her to do. We then had our apartment checked and definitely had the cleanest apartment in the zone so now the senior missionary couple is taking me and Sister B. out to lunch :) (Mom you should be soooo proud of me....I make my bed everyday now and have a clean apartment.....I know crazy!)

On Friday it seemed like every lesson we had cancelled or just forgot about us either way it was awful so we went and did some service for some members in our ward. Its SO important to gain the trust of the members because then they trust you with their friends to teach them. We ended up actually teaching 2 lessons by the end of the night. If I could be teaching every hour I would love it. I just love talking to people. I think I annoy Sister B. sometimes because I talk to her all the time and she's pretty quiet most of the time.....both of my companions have been pretty quiet so maybe I should be learning something hahaha. Both of my companions have taught me a lot about patience though in different ways. And that's something that I definitely need to learn so I'm grateful.

Saturday was pretty busy we contacted some potential investigators and will hopefully start teaching them soon! We walked a lot.......oh and funny story! We were walking down the street and this car drives by of these 4 huge guys and they end up turning around and heading back towards us and Sister B. starts freaking out thinking we're going to get robbed or something. The guys pull over and ask if they can talk to us and I tell them only if we could share a message about Jesus Christ.....Sister B. really started worrying at this point haha and I'm just thinking this is a great opportunity to share the gospel! We tell them we're missionaries and they tell us that they love Jesus and that they're all from Jamaica.....Jamaicans are hilarious and there a quite a few people here from Jamaica. They told us that they would love to hear more about Jesus and invited us over for chicken wings and to talk about Jesus. We luckily had an appointment we were going to but I think we'll have the Elders go over and try and teach them. Saturday night we had a movie night with Andy and Kenora and watched the Testaments. They made it really fun for us by getting us all these snacks and inviting their friends over for it. It ended up being a really fun night.
Anyways things are going really well. We have a lot of potential in this area right now and I'm loving it! I hope everything is going well back home. I love you all so very much!
Sister M.

"I love Canada!" 

Sarah's cute little friend. 

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