Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello family! 

What a week!  So guess what?!? Me and Sister Mortensen are both staying in Taber! I'm really happy about it, I just didn't feel like I've done everything I'm supposed to do here. Its going to be a good upcoming transfer!

So this past week we were super busy! I loved it! We went on exchanges with the Forestry Sisters again and I went to Lethbridge with Sister Jones. They're doing super good in their area right now, we went and taught their investigator and the first thing she said is "I still want to be baptized...what do I need to do?" I LOVE that. So I shared D&C 20:37 and she was just so excited to prepare for her baptism. When we were walking home after that lesson Sister Jones asked me how she can become a good teacher like I am......that just made my day! I don't even feel like I'm that good of a teacher but Sister Jones is pretty new so I just explained that it comes with time and that we constantly need to be working on our teaching skills throughout our missions. I think by the time I feel like I'm super good at being a missionary I'll be on the plane coming home. 

The next day was awesome! We went and taught a lady from Sudan and we were helping her with her english with reading from the Bible. She was hilarious! I wrote down a lot of words in Dinka as well! She was such a neat lady. Then when I got back to Taber we went and ate lunch and this lady started drinking some beer and I was just drinking my little juice box and she just didn't seem happy. She thought she was but I was just so grateful for the gospel which brings true happiness to our life. Then we went and over and taught a lady who is 90 years old! She's been having a hard time because 2 of her children have passed away and she's pretty bitter about it. So we taught the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! She was writing down scriptures that we were sharing and she said that she felt so much peace...peace that she hadn't felt in a very long time. She wanted us to come back the following Monday so we went back yesterday and taught the Restoration to her. I can't believe I'm teaching a 90 year old....soooooo cooooool!

The next day we went on exchanges again with Stirling Sisters and Sister Olpin came to Taber with me. I LOVE SISTER OLPIN SO MUCH! Oh my goodness....the sad thing was no one was home and everything got cancelled hahaha she had a good attitude about it. We did teach a girl that we haven't been able to get a hold of for like 2 months now and the girl ended up coming to church this past Sunday which made me really happy. 

Me and Sister Olpin did Meals on Wheels on Friday and had a good time. I love service its such a good way to find people in the mission. We also had a super awesome dinner appointment that night. There was a girl there who has been deaf since 8th grade and she's had a pretty hard life, she's older now and has never had a cell-phone to communicate to people with and that night she got her own cell-phone for the first time. We taught her how to text and use it and I've honestly never seen someone so happy in my life. It was the cutest thing ever. We would send her a text and she would just start laughing and would get the biggest smile on her face, this is the first time she could truly talk with people because she's been pretty isolated. I loved being able to help her. Saturday I got antied pretty bad...it was the saddest thing of my life. The man was telling us all these made up lies and told me and Sister Mortensen that we were brainwashed when we were little. I did everything I could to not cry. I then bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon and the Priesthood and we left. These poor people don't know what they're missing out on!

On Saturday night I prayed so hard that we would see a miracle and that we would have a non-member show up to church that was ready for the gospel. That Sunday we had 2 non-members come and we taught one of them Sunday night and we're teaching the other one tonight! I know with out a doubt that God hears our prayers. Such a little miracle that I'm so happy about. The one boy that we taught Sunday is such a good guy! I asked him why he wanted to meet with us and he said that he wants to strengthen his relationship with Christ. What a good guy! We're teaching him again on Thursday. 

We taught a lot of lessons yesterday and by a lot I mean 3 but that's good for one day and our one investigator who's been struggling with smoking is doing so much better he's cut down from 2 packets a day to 1 and he asked me how he could get a hold of one of us to let us know when he's getting baptized just in case we got transferred. I was SO SO SO happy to hear that! He wants to be baptized and he knows that the gospel is true. We just need to continue to help him, we taught him about fasting and he said that he would try fasting to help him overcome his addictions. 

I'm grateful that Heavenly Father is helping us to find more people to teach....there was definitely a period of time where we needed to learn patience since we weren't finding anyone to teach and I know that Heavenly Father has blessed us for working hard. 

I'm so grateful to be able to stay here in Taber for another transfer. I've learned so much from the people here that has not only helped me in my mission but that will help me throughout my life. There are so many wonderful families here that I just love. 

I hope you all have a good week! I love you all so much!

Sister M.

"I love these people so much! We've been going over and teaching them since we first got here and they went to the Temple this past week! I was so so so happy for them!" 

Sarah's district in Taber 

Sarah and Babs.

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