Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Evil Hamster / Calgary / Lots of Church


Hello to everyone I love so much! 

How is everything going?? So we got out of the negatives and its warm! I've also been in Canada a year now! How crazy is that?? Best year of my life for sure. 

So this past week we went on exchanges with the Forestry Sisters. I stayed here in Taber with Sister Jones she's been out for 8 weeks. Its always fun to go on exchanges with new missionaries.....they have so much faith and are so excited about the work. I loveit! We went to stake correlation that night and we have so many good things happening in the Taber Stake! The members here are so awesome. I've never been in a stake that wants to meet with all the missionaries and see what they can do to help us. The next morning we had a sweet lesson with our investigator on recognizing the Holy Ghost. I think as members sometimes we forget that people don't realize what the Holy Ghost is. When we started teaching her about the feelings of the spirit she realized that she's been feeling the spirit every time we've been teaching her. We also had a really good lesson with one our less-active members after that and Sister Jones did such a great job teaching her. She's so confident for not being out very long, I wish I could have been more confident when I first came into the mission but it does make me happy with how much I've grown. We then went and saw our other investigator because he wasn't feeling too good the day before and had to cancel.....I just feel bad because I think I've gotten all our investigators sick.....ooooops! Good thing people are feeling better now!

We traveled back to Lethbridge and then went to Stirling where we split up with the Stirling sisters to go out to Stirling and New Dayton. Sister Olpin went and tracted out New Dayton....small crazy town hahaha but in Stirling Sister Olpin and Sister Shumway are doing SO GOOD. Stirling is a tiny lds community and they just keep finding new investigators. It makes me so happy when all these other areas are doing good as well. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with a less-active lady who's decided to go to a different church....which just breaks my little heart! But we've established a really good relationship with her and she wants us to come by every week and teach her, we had a really good lesson on the priesthood. The priesthood is so cool! I can't even explain how much I love the priesthood and how grateful I am that we have it on the earth again. That night me and Sister Mortensen were at a house having a lesson and they let me hold their hamster and it was just the cutest little thing so then I gave it to Sister Mortensen to hold and the FUNNIEST thing happened. There was a dog that barked and scared the hamster, it started freaking out and going crazy and then it bit Sister Mortensen super hard. She couldn't get it to stop biting her thumb so she tried to give it to me but then she ended up throwing it across the room.....hahaha I was trying so hard to not laugh but I just felt bad for the little hamster that got thrown. I've never seen someones thumb bleed so much ha poor Sister Mortensen. Luckily the hamster was okay and the members weren't mad about it. 

On Friday we drove up to Calgary and MLC's were good. We were trained on inviting and extending commitments to our investigators. It was good because me and Sister Mortensen are working on being more bold with our investigators. I think Taber has really helped me grow as a missionary. 

On Saturday we had a church tour with one of our investigators that went really well, we were hoping it would help her overcome her fears of church but sadly she didn't come on Sunday. It's always disappointing when your investigators don't show up. I did give a talk in one of the wards we cover and it went really well. I spoke on inviting others to come unto Christ and I think the members enjoyed it. With the time change it made Sunday a super long day hahaha we had ward council at 7:15 and church and then more ward council and then more church and then we had to go and help at a sacrament meeting at an assisted living home. 3 sacrament meetings! Such a long day but very spiritually uplifting. 

The weather is getting better which means my mood is better :) hahaha Transfers are in 2 weeks which is crazy! I have no idea what will happen. The mission just goes by too quickly! I hope everything is good at home. I love you all!

Sister Martin

A Durian fruit that Sarah tried. 

 When Sister Martin and Sister Olpin went tracting in New Dayton.

"Sister Mortensen and I were invited out to a members home on p-day to roast hot-dogs. Super fun!" 

Sarah's district on P-day. Elder Ciminski, Elder Brock, Elder Pitts, Sister Mortensen, Me and Elder MacDuff.  

 Sarah was so happy to be around horses again!

"This cute little girl wanted us to teach her all the lessons before her baptism. Its so fun teaching little children:)"

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