Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello family! 

How is everything going?? 

This week was such a good learning experience for me on the mission and I guess in life in general. I really really love Taber because of all the good things I've learned here.

Last Tuesday we were teaching one of our investigators and he was so funny! He said "SISTERS! YOU'VE TRULY CHANGED ME! I used to not pray and now I feel awful if I don't pray!" He talked about how his relationship with Heavenly Father is changing and it was awesome. He also said "I know I'm not baptized yet but I tell everyone that I'm a Mormon" How cool is that! He talks to all his friends about the church as well. It made me super happy. 

Wednesday we helped with Meals on Wheels and it was awesome because people had to actually let us into their homes! Ha they couldn't turn down the food. Thats why I've decided I need to go tracting with food hahaha just kidding but really it was good for us because we actually got to meet a lot more less-active members and talk with some really cool non-members. I love doing service. We had some really funny things happen as well that made me and Sister Mortensen laugh foreverrrrrr. We had a good lesson with one of our less-actives that is doing really well. She's made so much progress! We're hoping to help them make goals of getting married soon and to make it to the temple in a year or so. We also were finally able to get in with a couple that our bishopric has wanted us to see for awhile and when we walked in the lady asked us "I'm excited to learn from you today!" Its so cool how she knows our purpose....that we're there to teach and invite. That night we did splits with one of our wards and I went out with a girl who has her mission call. We went and saw a lady and she was sooooooo excited that we stopped by because she wanted to tell us about all the missionary work she's been doing! Oh and I forgot to tell you that this lady is 95! She invited two of her friends to church. I was so proud of her. We can do missionary work at any age:) We don't have any excuse to not share to gospel. 

Thursday we did weekly planning and then a couple invited us over to talk about sharing the gospel with their neighbors. We helped them with knowing what to do and then hopefully we'll be able to all get together soon so we can meet them! Honestly I know I have said this 1000000000 times but the members are awesome here in Taber. I've seen so many of them getting excited about missionary work. Late on Friday we went out to Medicine Hat for exchanges and I stayed in Medicine Hat with Sister Butler. We were able to get a lot of things done when we were there and it was awesome! Sister Butler was amazing, such a hard worker. I learn a lot from these people. Every single person I come into contact with here in Canada I've learned something from them. For example when we were in Med Hat we went to a home where the husband served a mission but isn't really active any more and it broke my heart! It made me realize how important it is that when I go home I continue to work hard in the gospel and that the person I marry realizes how important it is to endure to the end. 

Friday when I got back to Taber it seemed like every body knew we were coming to their house and they purposely fled the country. Ok thats a little dramatic but for reals no one answered their doors. We then went to a members home who we haven't met yet and they were awesome! I wish we had more time to spend with the members here because I love them dearly. 

Saturday is a special day its the day we get ready for Sunday! Elder Nelson from the 12 came and spoke to us missionaries and it was sweet! He talked a lot about after the mission and making sure we marry someone who loves God more than us. Good advice. Good advice. Elder Holland was in Lethbridge as well and he had a meeting with all the bishops and he told the bishops that they made Preach My Gospel to convert the missionaries because then they would be able to convert those around them. It just made me realize even more how important PMG is. Every member home should have a copy and read from it. 

Sunday was awesome. The Stake President pulled us aside and wanted to know about all the work thats happening in our wards. I was so impressed with him taking the time to talk with us. He wanted to know what he could do to help us. He also told us how much he appreciates us and how we've been such a blessing to the Stake of Taber. Its just what I needed to hear and was an answer to prayer. Sometimes I feel like I could be doing more but I don't know how and then I get frustrated but it was good to hear that from him. 

So last night was one of the funnest nights on my mission. We had dinner with some members out in Grassy Lake and had FHE with the Mennonite family and honestly it was just so much fun. Both families are awesome and I just felt so much love for both of them. We started singing I'm a Child of God and all of the children from the mennonite family knew the words. The spirit was so strong. It was a powerful witness that we're all children of God no matter what religion we are.

Transfers are next week......I have no idea whats going to happen! I guess we'll find out next week! Anways this week I learned a lot about families and how I want my future family to be. I'm definitely grateful for the family that I have because you guys are all wonderful!

Sister M. 

Cute little quote outside a Christian Church. 

Sister Martin and Sister Butler on exchanges!

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