Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hey family! 

This transfer is ending next week and I can't believe it! This transfer has definitely been a transfer of miracles. Its had its downs but definitely more ups. I've learned a lot about myself and about the person that I still need to become. We had a lot of good lessons this week. We have this sweet inactive family that we've been teaching, they haven't been to church in probably 10 or more years. We taught them on Wednesday about prayer and the Holy Ghost and and they are so excited to start feeling the spirit more in their life. As active members I think we sometimes overlook the gift that we've been given. The gift of the Holy Ghost is so precious and we need to be worthy of the gift we've been given. They haven't been making the best choices the last few years and now that they're changing they are noticing His influence more. We also taught a sweet part member family on Wednesday night and met another less-active lady. One of our wards is 42% active so we really could spend most of our time with inactive members. We can find a lot of non-members through them as well.

On Thursday we taught one of our investigators about prayer and it was so funny because he kept saying that he prays all the time and that he never gets any answers. He was pretty stubborn in thinking prayer just doesn't work and then I asked him if he's ever paused and listened afterwards. Ha he never has! He then realized that prayer is a 2 way communication with our Heavenly Father and he's only been making it a 1 way communication. Hopefully he starts praying and listening and then he'll recognize his answers.

Friday was so fun! We drove into Lethbridge and carpooled up to Calgary with Sister Doty and Sister Bowers. Oh it was so good to see Sister Doty! I just love her so much! We got up to Calgary at 10 and had MLC's it was pretty good. We have some good goals for this mission. Its strange to think I'll probably have only 1 more MLC. I'm secretly hoping I train again but we'll see. Our mission is making more walking areas and I'm just grateful I have a car in the winter hahaha its been cold lately! I'm just getting excited for summmmmmerrrrr. After MLC we went to dinner with Sister Doty and Bowers in Lethbridge it was super fun. On Saturday we were pretty busy with appointments. My favorite part of the day definitely had to be when we went and read scriptures to all the old ladies at Clearview they're hilarious! Oh my 5 of them yelled at me because I was reading the wrong chapter and I just had no idea they were so picky!

On Sunday we just had miracle after miracle. One of our investigators came to church for the 4th week in a row. He's really enjoying everything we're teaching him. Also the best moment ever was when our cute little inactive family showed up! The whole congregation was in shock! They got all dressed up and came and stayed the whole time. They participated in Sunday school and even got up and thanked me and Sister Mortensen for everything we're doing for their family. They couple needs to get married first but I have such a bright hope for them getting to the temple. I was just so overwhelmed with the spirit the whole day knowing that I really am supposed to be in Taber at this time to help Heavenly Father fulfill His work. I really really do love missionary work. I see blessings and miracles everyday.

Yesterday we shared a message with a Mennonite family of 8! Such a cool family! Oh my goodness they're just really good people. I love learning about their culture. So cool. I'm hoping we can continue to teach them.
So everything is really good! I love it. I hope everything is good for all of you back home or wherever you are in the world! 

The church is true!
Sister M.

The sunrise on their way to Calgary. 

Sister Doty and Sister Martin

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