Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day! How was Colorado??

So this week was rough! Ha oh boy...........I guess we'll get to that in a second but anyways we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Tuesday night. We taught the second part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so we taught Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. It was a sweet lesson. He struggles with smoking and coffee but other than that he's awesome. He wants to be baptized but doesn't want to commit to anything until he's completely done smoking. I wish he would just work towards a date though so he has something to work towards. 

On Wednesday we went to transfer station. Sister Doty went up to Calgary which is sad :( hahaha but its ok I'm just glad to stay in Taber. We have 2 new sisters that we're over. Sister Olpin! Which I'm so excited about, I served around her in Calgary and then Sister Hernandez who is from Quebec...so cool! We now have 74 sisters in this mission!! Thats SO many sisters hahaha but it will be good. That night we had dinner with my favorite couple! Its the couple that we're helping reactivate. They're doing awesome. I wish people could see the change I see in them. They have lived such a crazy hard life and the gospel is just bringing true happiness to their lives. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

So this is where it gets rough.......and its funny because that morning me and Sister Mortensen were talking about how we haven't had a really really bad day in Taber yet and we haven't felt opposition yet.....bad idea. That night we were teaching one of our investigators and I could just tell he wasn't open to hearing what we were saying. At the end he said he didn't want to take the lessons anymore and so we talked about it and he said he knows he's going to get baptized but he just doesn't want to change yet. I just started crying and it was the worst thing ever. I just get too attached to these people. I just wish they could realize what they're missing out on. It just wasn't a good day. On Valentines day we went around and heart attacked some of the less-active members houses that we've been working with and attached our testimonies and a scripture on Christ and love. It was good and just boosted me up doing some service :) We had a zone goal meeting that day as well and it was one of the best zone goal meetings I've had in a long time! Last transfer our whole zone struggled since we didn't have any goals(long story) anyways we only found 14 new investigators last transfer as a zone which is low. This transfer we have a goal of finding 40! Its going to make us stretch big time but its good, it makes me excited to go out and work!
Saturday was sweet!! Oh goodness such a good day!

We brought in the Stirling sisters so we could just do double the work! We split off as companionships and me and Sister Olpin decided to the thing that I hate the most on the mission....tracting. DUN DUN DUN! oh boy I was scared, I wish people could just know how much I don't like it haha but I decided if we're going to find new people we're going to do new things. We found a street and started knocking doors and it was going ok but nothing coming from it. We decided to do one more door and the lady answers and I ask if she wanted to hear a message on families  and she was hesitant at first but then she let us in and I was so surprised hahaha and then we went in and started talking about how the gospel blesses families. She started getting really emotional and she said she wished she would have raised her kids in some type of religion. She then said that her dad had passed away and she wants to see him again. So we asked her if we could come back and teach her how she can live with her dad again and she said yes! I was just what I needed. MIRACLE!

We also went out to Purple Springs and tracted out the whole place. Literally. Hahaha just google Purple Springs.....I think only 50 people live there and we met all 50 hahaha it was hilarious...I don't think that place has ever been tracted out. I think I overcame my fears though....finally after a year hahaha but its a good start.

Anways things are good :) we have zone conference tomorrow which I'm excited about, it will be good. I hope everything is good back home. I love you all so much!

Sister Martin

Elder King, Sister Mortensen, and Sister Martin. 

Sister Martin's first Zone Leader Elder Jones went home, back to Wales!

Sister Shumway, Sister Mortensen, Sister Martin and Sister Olpin!  

Viola and Sarah.

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