Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey family! 

How has your week been? Whats new with all of you? I saw that its Uncles Rian's birthday so happy birthday! 

What a week! So this week definitely had a lot of ups and downs but I guess thats just what happens on the mission. We had the chance to go to a mutual activity for young womens and it was so good! They just asked us questions about being a sister missionary and asked us about different experiences we've had. We also gave them ideas for sharing the gospel with their friends. They are awesome girls! There is one in particular who's just doing so much missionary work and it made me wish that I did more missionary work when I was in High School. She stayed after and talked with us some more and she's been struggling with the idea of serving a mission. My only advice was if you have the desire to serve God you are called to the work. Missionary work is moving forward and there are more and more people being prepared to serve missions. I just love being a missionary so much. 

On Wednesday it was the looooooooooooooooooongest day ever. I had lots of time to read scriptures and spend time with Sister Mortensen which was nice. She's awesome! We left Taber at 6:45ish and then got into Med Hat and then left for Calgary. The drive is long but the weather was good so traveling was nice. We had time to grab some lunch, take a little rest at the mission home and then got back in the car for Med Hat and then back to Taber. I've never been so happy to see Taber in life. I definitely know I've been called to Taber for a reason.....I don't really know what that reason is yet but I love it here and I'm glad I'm staying! One more transfer for now here in Taber :) Anyways we got back into Taber and then immediatly went to dinner and then a lesson. It was just non-stop all day! Ha it was so nice to go to bed that night. 

So on Thursday we taught one of my favorite people. She's the girl who has been inactive her whole life but wants to come back. We're teaching her all of the lessons and she's just been soaking it all in. Its been amazing to see the change in her and her home in just the last couple of weeks from reading the scriptures and saying her prayers. There are so many good things happening here. I almost feel like she's an investigator because she doesn't know anything about the gospel and we get to start from square one. I love teaching the gospel so much. 

We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators that night. His wife is a member but he's never had the desire to join. I've seen a lot of progress in him though. His heart is softening and he's becoming more familiar with the spirit. He thought we've been worshiping Joseph Smith this whole time but we clarified that real quick. We pray to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is our Savior. This lesson was probably the most spirit driven lesson I've ever been in. I went knowing that I was representing Jesus Christ and it helped me because at the end I committed him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if the things we taught were true and he said "No, I won't pray because I don't want to pray just because you asked me too." So boldy we let him know that we were representing our Savior and that we weren't asking him to pray but that Jesus Christ our Savior was asking him to pray. After that he said he would. 

Friday was just a rough day.....ha no one was really home and I felt sick and things were just not so good. But it makes you appreciate the good days. I've learned to just keep working though even though I might get upset about the outcome its just better to have a good attitude. 

Saturday was good though we met some more less-active members in the ward and we got to go out to Grassy Lake for dinner and then ended up stopping by that Mennonite family's house and they were so willing to let us in! We had a good lesson with us and really its so amazing that they're letting into their homes. Most Mennonites are very closed off. 

I gave a talk in church on Sunday and I thought it went really well. It was on inviting others to come unto Christ and I was super nervous because I didn't have a lot of time to prepare but it ended up all coming together. 
I love this gospel. The Book of Mormon is true, oh my goodness its so true! I have seen so many good things happen because of that book and all good things come from Christ. I'm almost done reading it and it just fills me with joy. I love you all so much and I hope you have a good Valentines Day! Have fun in Colorado and tell everyone hello for me! 

Sister Martin


Having dinner out on the ranch in Grassy Lake

Sister Martin and Sister Gonzalez.  Sister Gonzalez and her companion came to Taber this past week and Sarah loved seeing them!

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