Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hey family!

So transfer week is always a little crazy...I don't know why. I'm still so grateful I wasn't transferred. Ha its so funny to think how much I missed my first area when I first came to Lethbridge and then Heavenly Father humbled me and now I love my area of Chinook. Its the best. I don't ever remember what I tell you so I'm sorry if I repeat myself. We got another set of sisters in our zone and they're spanish sisters! That means me ans Sister Doty have another companionship to go on exchanges with. We're now over 16 sisters and it makes me think this next transfer is going to be crazy with exhanges..MLC....Christmas....and hopefully some baptisms! I'm excited! We picked up our new investigator this week and she wants to be baptized before Christmas...I honestly don't know why all these miracles are happening right now. Sadly one of our investigators who was on date to be baptized dropped us this week.....sometimes bad things happen. Its ok though, I'm learning to rely on the Lord and when I say He's humbled me lately I mean it. I can't do this work without Him. Our other investigator Jessica is progressing really well and I feel very blessed every time I enter her home to teach her.

Recently an inactive lady just had a baby in our ward who was 3 months early. She reached out to the ward when she was in the hospital so we decided to stop by and see her. What a blessing that was. We started visiting with her and getting to know her a little better and then we decided to sing her a song, we sang Abide with Me; Tis Eventide  a very special spirit entered that sweet room. She was very grateful at the end and told us that was exactly what she needed. Her heart was very softened and I hoping this experience will help her on the road back to the gospel.

On Wednesday it was -29 with the wind chill hahahaha oh boy I felt bad for all the new missionaries that just flew in. This winter is going to be cold!!!

Me and Sister Doty this past week wrapped a bunch of Book of Mormons in Christmas wrapping paper and decided that every dinner appointment we go to we'll give a special lesson on Christ and then invite them to prayerfully select someone to give the Book of Mormon to this Christmas season. We had a couple of lessons with it this past weekend and the members loved it....who knew all you needed to do was wrap the book in wrapping paper and it will make them excited to do missionary work? Yay!

We had a great lesson with Jessica yesterday...she's the one preparing to be baptized on the 7th and it was awesome. She's always bearing her testimony of the the gospel and doesn't even realize it. She loves asking us questions and loves sharing her experiences with the Book of Mormon. I'm excited for her!

Well have an awesome Thanksgiving! I will be thinking of you eating yummy food! I'm so grateful for all of you.

Sam-thanks for being the best brother in the world. Keep being awesome.
Kate-thanks for being my best friend. Thanks for always emailing me :) 
Dad-I love you!! Thanks for always supporting me with everything.
Mom-Thanks for being such a great example to me.

I love you all!!

Sister Martin

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