Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blizzard Warning

Sometimes I forget I live in Alberta and that sometimes it gets really cold! This morning our mission president said all missionaries are not allowed to drive so me and Sister Doty bundled up and walked in -27 this morning just so I could send out this email to anyone who decides to read it hahahaha it better be good.

This week was awesome. On Monday we had dinner at our Bishops house and they invited a non-member over for dinner, we shared a little Christmas message and it was really good, at the beginning of the lesson she seemed a little standoffish to us but by the end she was so happy and we could tell her heart was softened to missionaries. Here in Lethbridge it can be pretty hard since almost everyone has heard about the church and most of it has been pretty negative things so its awesome when we can break the stereotypes. We had a long day Tuesday of district mtg and then doing service for a less-active lady in the ward...which by the way I have such a testimony of service. This lady never lets us into her home, she never wants us to share a message but we asked her if we could help her clean her home and she said yes. We went and cleaned for an hour and then asked if we could share a message with her and she kindly agreed. The spirit was so strong. Its amazing how service can soften someones heart. Also a lady in the ward called us and wanted us to go and read scriptures with her daughter who has cancer and is at home most of the time. She's in her teens and we had such a good time teaching her and reading from the Book of Mormon with her. The Book of Mormon truly does bring the spirit into our lives. It is a true book that was translated by the power of God. I have such a great love for that book. That night we had a lesson with our investigator Barb who wants to be baptized sometime within the next month. The lesson went amazing and its so great to see how the Lord has been preparing her for this step in her life. The work is moving forward and won't stop. The Lord truly is in charge and we just need to trust him.

We had zone conference on Wednesday and combined with the Lethbridge and Cardston Zones it was also my half way mark on my mission. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??! I CAN'T. It was a great conference and it was a perfect way for me to reflect on the last 9 months and to start the next 9 months of my mission. I got up and bore my testimony and I was just overwhelmed with how much I love my mission. I love putting my name tag on every morning. I love being able to have so much time to study from the scriptures and to learn from the Spirit. I love seeing the change in other people. Its been a very good last 9 months and I hope the next 9 don't go as quickly. We went on exchanges with some Sisters on the Westside from Thursday to Friday and then right after that went on exchanges to Med Hat from Friday to Saturday....I pretty much didn't see Sister Doty for 3 days it was crazy. But I had a really good time in Med Hat with Sister Clegg.....all of these missionaries amaze me with their knowledge of the gospel and the strength of their testimonies. We went to a dinner appointment and a little girl who was 4 years old recited the first 9 articles of faith it was so cool! I can't wait to raise my little family in the gospel! 

We had 2 of our investigators at church yesterday which made us super happy. Our investigator Jessica who will be baptized this Saturday came and her husband who has been less active for a long time bore his testimony for the first time in 10 years the spirit was so strong. He talked about how when they got flooded out in High River they were so grateful for the missionaries who just stopped what they were doing to come and help with the flood. It was cool to see how that service is still affecting people. He also mentioned how appreciative he is for missionary work and how he's so grateful for me and Sister Doty for teaching his wife. He said that this is the reason me and Sister Doty are in Lethbridge to help his family. It was one of the most touching things I've ever heard. I feel awful that I doubt sometimes why Heavenly Father wants me in a certain area or why things don't go the way I want them to but we need to trust in the Lords plan, its better than we could ever imagine. 

So all in all things are awesome right now. We get to go up to Calgary this Friday and I'm super excited about it. Its going to be freezing all week so that should be fun :) I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I hope Sam had a great B-day as well and Mom I hope you have a great birthday this week!! I love you all!!

Sister M

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