Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What a week, what a week!! Being on a mission is seriously the best thing in the world. This week was awesome. Really hard but lots of blessings. On Tuesday it was just go go go. We had our last exchange of the transfer, I went over to the west side of Lethbridge and went on exchanges with Sister Hassan. The sisters over there are over a YSA ward and it was so fun to see the difference in missionary work with a YSA ward compared to a family ward. It was a lot of fun to do missionary work with people my age. We exchanged back late Wednesday afternoon and immediately got our stuff together and headed to Calgary!

I was honestly so excited to get up to Calgary and go back to my old area to see Andy and Kenora! They're doing really well and it was so nice to just visit and have a lesson with them. They're such a huge blessing in my life and they probably don't even realize it. Hopefully I see them again soon. Thursday we got up early and headed over to have our Mission Leadership Council with Elder Schwitzer. He gave a lot of great training on leadership and talked a lot about how as members of the church we need to stick the the basic doctrines of the gospel. Faith & Repentance. There is a reason both of them are the first two principles of the gospel. Study them and apply them to your life, it will bless you tremendously. The whole MLC was awesome and it was so fun to spend time with a General Authority. After me and Sister Doty went to Peters for lunch its a famous milkshake place in North Calgary and it was so yummy!! For the first time though me and Sister Doty wanted to get back to Lethbridge.....usually I just want to stay in Calgary forever but I just wanted to get back to Lethbridge and work hard. I finally love Lethbridge :) That night we had dinner with the sweetest lady she was baptized last January and is preparing to go to the temple in a couple of months! I love seeing people continuing to progress after baptism.

On Friday we had our mission tour and got to hear from Elder Schwitzer again. We had all the zones in the South come together... Med Hat... British Columbia.... Lethbridge... Cardston...etc it was so fun to see all the missionaries! We have a ton of them! We had a neat experience where Elder Schwitzer wanted to sit in and listen to me and Sister Doty teach. I thought I would be nervous at first but the spirit came over and we taught a really great lesson on the importance of church attendance. It was such a neat experience have Elder Schwitzer sit side by side with us listening to us teach. I loved it! He also said it was an amazing lesson and he was very grateful for the opportunity to sit in! It made me so happy.

On Saturday we got a crazy crazy storm. It was so icy and freezing outside! President made all missionaries in Lethbridge stay off the roads. Luckily me and Sister Doty had already left that morning to go to the church for a Relief Society activity so we were just stranded at the church for awhile. We had fun at the Relief Society activity and had fun spending time with the ladies in the ward then we just hung out and made a lot of phone calls and made appointments. It literally was so cold outside....and all the Canadians were telling us that it wasn't even bad and its just going to get worse! Hahaha oh my!

Sunday we got a bunch of referrals from the ward! This hasn't really happened yet so I was very happy. Missionary work is really starting to pick up here and I love it!! Later that night we got a chance to go to the Young Women in Excellence night Sunday night and it was so nice because we're developing such a great relationship with the young women in our ward. They're all amazing young girls. We also got a phone call from a lady saying her mother-in-law is ready to be baptized and wants to be taught! Oh my goodness! hahaha miracles are happening everyday. 

Also I'm not getting transferred! I'm staying here in Lethbridge another transfer. I get to have Christmas with Sister Doty and I'm so happy! I still feel like I have a lot of work to do here so I'm excited for this upcoming transfer! 

I love you family you're the best!!


Sister Martin

Sister Martin and Sister Doty

Sister Doty, Sister Schwitzer, Elder Schwitzer and myself!

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