Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello everyone!!
How is everything back in Utah??  The weather here has been sooooooo  nice!! 12 degrees hahah sounds funny but 12 Celsius is warrrrm!! So this week was so good. Me and my companion are working really hard and getting our members to trust as as missionaries and to get the less active members trusting us. Our investigator kinda bailed on us this week. But she does that. I don't know what to do about her. She's awesome, such a sweet lady but we're just are having a hard time committing her to things. But we're seeing a change in our less-active members and I love it!! I love seeing them trying to be better each week. This week flew by so I'm sorry if this email is kinda scattered I'm just trying to remember everything that went on.

We tried contacting some referrals but they weren't interested. They really don't know what they're missing out on but we just keep praying for the people who the Lord is preparing us for. Last Monday on P-day we combined with the West Zone and I got to see Sister Strathern from the MTC she's serving up in Banff right now and it was so fun to see her and see how she's doing! They just opened Banff up to Sisters.

Then on Tuesday we drove out to Strathmore for our District Meeting its about a 40 minute drive. All the Elders wanted to get chinese know how I love chinesefood.....not. It made me sick obviously. We then tried to meet with a potential investigator but she was asleep the same time she told us to come over......these people are tricky! Good thing I'm very persistent and won't be giving up. We then had an amazing lesson with the Pletts who are very less active. The Spirit just took over in that lesson and the whole time I was just amazed at what the Lord can do for us when we're in tune with the spirit. Brother Plett finally opened up to us and now we have a better understanding of why he acts the way he does. It was kind of overwhelming but good. We then had dinner that night with some of my favorite members the Simmons. I don't remember if I told you but we've been having some of the Mandarin Elders coming to our dinner appointments the last 2 weeks. They cover 2 stakes and switch which ward is in charge of their dinner appointments. So our ward was in charge in March. The Elders are hilarious to the point where everyone just laughs the entire time at dinner.

On Wednesday we did some service for a less-active lady Sis. Sonnenberg in our ward who is in a wheelchair. She's a funny one. She wanted us to try and fix her bed so she handed us some nails and some hammers and cement and told us to get to work! Ha it was hilarious me and Sister Sagers had no idea what we were really doing but we fixed her bed for her. Oh and then our visit with her just got even better Sis. Sonnenberg loves the piano so she makes Sis. Sagers play the piano for her but then she made me sing hymns! Let me repeat that for you all I was singing a solo in her living room! I DON'T SING. Everyone knows that. Sister Sagers knows that, but Sister Sonnenberg is very persistent and would hit me if I stopped singing. So that was cool. I was just humiliated the whole time. Anyways We then had cleaning checks in our apartment Thursday so we spent the morning cleaning. We lost the cleaning contest to our Zone leaders by 1 point. Sad. On Friday we did got invited over to a families farm in our ward to have an Easter party, they invited some recent converts so they wanted us there to make them feel more comfortable. It was way fun. We then had dinner that night with a part-member family. The father is not a member but he's such a good guy. We also had a lesson after that with a less-active lady who's Native. Her grandson is not a member and he and his friend stayed in for our lesson, they asked a ton of questions about Jesus Christ and it was so fun to help these boys understand who he is.

Then on Saturday we helped some people in our ward with packing some things up because they're moving. They had a non-member boy there who's probably in his early 20's and we asked if he would be interested in learning about the gospel and he said no......but by the time we were leaving he said we can have 1 lesson with him. Mission accomplished. One lesson is all it takes! What made me even happier is when he showed up to church on Sunday for all 3 hours!! YEAH!! He then came up to me after church and said he wants to set up an appointment within the next week or two. I was thrilled! 

Yesterday(Easter) was just so awesome. So many of the less-active members that we've been working with came to church. We even had a whole family come and they never ever come. Sacrament meeting was really good and I'm glad they were all there to feel the spirit. I got asked to come up and bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting which was fun as well. Also there is the guy Felix who came to church he joined the church in 1995 and stopped going in 1998. He didn't even realize that President Hinkley passed away. Felix told us he has a strong desire to come back he just needs some help so we're going to start reteaching him the lessons as well. I love seeing people want to do better. So for Easter we got invited over to dinner at Brother Williams house. He is less-active as well but he loves feeding the missionaries. He is so sweet! We had the Mandarin Elders over as well and he got all of us Easter Candy and treat and cearel. I'll send you a picture of all the things he got us. It was a really good Easter. I'm excited for this week and for the goals me and Sis. Sagers has set. And conference is coming up so what could be better than that! Nothing.

I got a letter from Rachel Rawlings and Katie Clark this past week, they just made my day! Katie the letter I got from you was one you sent to the MTC but I finally got it! Thank you! I'm finally going to buy stamps today so I can start sending letters!

Also dad my companion Sister Sagers is very strict about the speed limit so don't you worry I won't be getting any speeding tickets as long as she's my companion. I thought that would make you happy!

I love you all! SO MUCH!
Have a good week!

Sister M

Sarah and Destiny, one of the members in her area.

 Sarah and Sister Sagers, celebrating Sister Sagers 1 year mark on her mission!

"Brother Clark is a member in our ward who is in his late 70's. He used to make knives and does leather work. He wanted me to try on his hat and his vest." 

Sarah and Brother Clark 

"We went over to a dinner appointment and we were all required to wear hats. It was a very fun dinner!" 

Sister Sagers and Sarah, with all the treats Brother Williams gave them.

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