Monday, April 8, 2013

This week was really good. Our investigator hasn't been home and won't return our we're trying really hard to find new investigators. But me and Sister Sagers made a goal to really work with the less active members this past week....that's kind of our goal every week but we pushed really hard this week. And miracles are happening. They're coming back to church and we had some come and watch conference with us at the church. Its so great!!

The people here are so great and my love for all of them continues to grow. So we met with Sis. Sonnenberg again the lady who makes me sing. She invited me and Sister Sagers over for lunch and she was so excited to have us over. Usually she can be kind of cranky but she was so happy. She made us sandwiches.....with this gross meat on them. I have no idea what the mushed up meat was but I just stuffed it into my mouth and chewed and  swallowed. I was praying the whole time that me and Sis. Sagers would not get sick. It was really cute of Sister Sonnenberg to invite us over though. We then went into her living room and she made me sing again. But this time she told me that I need to improve on my singing skills. (Good to know) I don't think they'll ever improve. Ha it makes me laugh though. She's really grateful we come over though. We then had a couple of other less-active member lessons that day that went really good as well. We then had dinner with a part-member family and I think the dad (who's not a member) really like our lesson about being in tune with the spirit. We then had a lesson at the church with Felix who has been less active for a lot of years. Me and Sister Sagers decided to teach him how we would teach an investigator so we started with the restoration and it was such a good lesson, the Spirit was there and I could tell that Felix could feel the Spirit as well. We invited him to pray about the restoration to find out for himself that its true.

The rest of the week was filled with less-active and part-member lessons that were great. I really just love meeting new people and learning about them. I got my haircut and its pretty cute! A non-member cut me and Sister Sagers hair and we told her all about conference and she wanted to know where she could watch it so we told her and hopefully she had the chance to watch! We'll have to follow up with her. We had dinner with a lady who is a convert of 3 years and she loooooves to talk and talk and talk. She's in her late 30's and is single so I think she enjoys company. She loves horses and animals and told us all about growing up in the country. I really had no idea how were going to get out of her house. Luckily we had a lesson that night so we had an excuse to leave but I really do enjoy learning about people and developing friendships with the people in my ward.

I thought conference was great! Everything to me seemed to be focused on families and strengthening our families. The gospel truly does bless families and I've seen that so much since being on my mission. You can see a clear difference in people's homes who have the gospel and who doesn't have the gospel. I really liked Elder Scott's talk and having a Christ centered home and I really liked Elder Hollands talk "Fan your flame of faith" How great is that? We just need to continue in exercising our faith even if its just a little particle of faith. That's one of my favorite scriptures Alma 32:27 I hope we can all continue in developing our faith in Christ.

Sooooo its cold again here. We had freezing rain the last couple of days and then yesterday it started snowing again and today we woke up to lots of snow! I'm so grateful for my wool socks! I like the weather though.

I love you all!!!!

Sister M.

Sarah standing in front of Chestermere Lake 

Chestermere Lake 

Sister Sagers and Sarah's coordinating outfits

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