Tuesday, March 26, 2013


How is everyone? I hope everything is going well back home! I think of you often and I'm constantly praying for all of you!! This week was good. We taught a couple of less active members and a couple of them even came to church! I love when people keep commitments. On Wednesday we tried to contact a couple of referrals all of them said they're not interested right now but that's ok, they just don't know what they're missing out on! We were also walking down the street and saw an elderly couple walking.....like they were old ok and so we went up and talked to them about the weather and asked them how they were doing and they were super friendly and then we said that we're missionaries and they started running down the street. I don't think I've ever seen old people start running. It was pretty funny.

Its still cold up here but the last few days have felt wonderful its 1 degrees Celsius so around 32 degrees back home and I'm running around with no coat and loving every second! We had another lesson with our investigator but for some reason she was super closed off and not as enthusiastic about things. She's usually super happy and excited but maybe she was just having a rough day, she wouldn't really open up to us. We do have a return appointment for this Friday so hopefully things go better. Oh!! I just remember we were getting our oil checked in our car on Wednesday and I started talking to guy, he's from India and he was asking us about our name tags and what we were doing in Canada. So I proudly told him that we were missionaries for the church and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. We ended up giving him the Book of Mormon and read a couple of verses to him. He said that it sounded interesting and he was really grateful we gave it to him. He's out of our area and I don't know if he'll even call but it just made my day knowing I brought him a little bit closer to Jesus Christ.

We also had this amazing lesson with a less active family and the father talked about how he was feeling the spirit and how he forgot what that felt like. I love moments like that. Where they're reminded about the gospel.

Also I'm getting to know Sis. Sagers so much better. I'm learning from her and learning to love her. When you truly try to get to know someone and figure out why they act the way they do you learn to love them. I know she's supposed to be my trainer for a reason. Even though some days are really hard she's teaching me patience and humility...the 2 things I need to work on the most....strange how that happens.

I'm starting to really get to know the ward better and I absolutely love the members. Me and Sister Sagers met with the bishop yesterday and he really wants to get all the members on board with missionary work, which is so great! We just have so much to do!

So funny story, we had to steal a vacuum from the church the other day and we forgot we needed to get it back by Saturday. So I got out of the shower early Saturday morning and my companion said that we were going over to the church to drop off the vacuum. Its 6:45 in the morning and its freezing out. So we go and drop off the vacuum and then I feel my head and its frozen. Every hair turned into an icicle!! I thought all my hair would break off. Luckily it thawed out and didn't break off.

Also my mission president came down on Tuesday to our district meeting. And met with me afterwords and told me not to stress and that everything would be ok. He talked to me for awhile but I really appreciated him doing that for me. He just barely changed how we do things out here and so nobody really knows whats going on. But we're all trying and I know that if we listen to our mission president then everything will work out.

love all of you so much! I see so many different family situations out here and it makes me super grateful for all of you. Thanks for everything!!

Sister M.

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