Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hi everyone!

Well sorry I forgot to tell you that I wouldn't be emailing you yesterday. This week is transfers so our P-day is changed to Tuesdays. But me and Sister Sagers will be staying in Chestermere for the next 6 weeks! I kinda knew that would be happening though, she needs to finish training me. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing and I need to trust him.

So I've been in Canada for a whole transfer. Crazy! This week was great. The weather has been up and down and crazy though. And I think its the cause of me being super sick. My voice is shot I sound like a man, my throat hurts, runny know all that fun stuff. Its okay though because every lesson we teach they make sure to pray for me to feel better, its pretty cute. We taught Byron this week who has a baptismal date(!!!) the lesson went really well and I just hope and pray he keeps progressing. Also Shauna the very first investigator that I taught my first week who then went MIA for 4 weeks came back into the picture. She's so sweet we just don't know what to do about her since she's so up and down. But we had a really good lesson on the plan of salvation with her and she accepted everything we taught her and she said it all made sense. She also joined us in a couple of fun activities this past weekend. The stake put on a Broadway night and she came to that with us on Friday night and then there was a women's conference on Saturday that she came to. I'm really happy that she's meeting more people in the ward and starting to feel more comfortable with everyone.

We also had to go to a re-trainers meeting for Sister Sagers on Friday which was the best thing ever becasue I got to see all my cute friends from the MTC since all of their trainers had to go to the meeting as well. Sister Estrada was there and Sister Doty and everyone else! It made me SO happy!! And Sister Wray who came out with us was called to be a trainer just after 6 weeks, she'll be fabulous. They also hinted that the rest of us will most likely be training in June because there is a huge transfer of sisters coming out then. I don't know how I feel about that yet since I feel like I need to be trained my whole mission hahaha
We were invited to Ward Council on Sunday and it was a 2 hour meeting discussing missionary work! Its so nice to see our Bishop trying to motivate everyone to help with missionary work. It was also our ward conference that day and right before it started the Stake President asked me if there was anything that he should talk about in Ward Conference, I felt very impressed that he needed to talk about the basic principles of the gospel like prayer and daily scripture study. To my surprise he added that into his talk. It was really good and hopefully people took something from his talk. We need to stick to the basics. If we're praying and reading our scriptures everyday and going to church every Sunday we'll be just fine :) We had a less-active lady come to church that Sunday that hasn't come once since I've gotten here and I think his talk really stood out to her.

On Sunday night we had the chance to go to a Holocaust memorial fireside. There were a lot of Jewish people there and there was a Jewish Rabbi that said the prayer. It was really neat to see the Jewish and Christian community here in Calgary come together. I also had a lady ask me for 2 books of Mormon.....and guess what? I didn't have any! I had just gave a Book of Mormon away a day earlier and hadn't put anymore into my bag. So I turn to Sister Sagers and she didn't have any as well. I felt like the worst missionary luckily I found 2 to give to the lady but it made me realize that I need to always be prepared so I don't miss out on an opportunity.

We taught our investigator Carlin this week as well and he's super skeptical of things but he definitely asks good questions. He's really confused why someone would be baptized and make those covenants with God and then fall away from the church. I'm glad he realizes how important those covenants are though.  

Things are going well and hopefully it stays warm and that I feel better soon! Its awful being sick and then its even worse when your a missionary because you want to just keep working.
Anyways I'm glad Sam's thumb is doing pretty good and that Kate got to enjoy the warm weather in California! How fun! Also family here's the deal.....every week since being on my mission I have gotten some nice letters in the mail and it drives my zone leaders crazy that I get so much mail which in return makes me really happy. This past week guess what I got in the mail.....nada. Nothing....which made me sad (not really but I like getting mail because I'm a missionary you know) So yes this email thing is super convenient and I looooove emailing all of you but maybe for FHE you could all write me! Yeah? Sounds like a good plan to me!! Yay!

I love you all so so so so so so so much. I can't even describe how lucky I am to have such an amazing family.

Oh also I get to talk to you soon! And guess what? I've been learning some Mandarin and some Spanish so I'll teach you some when I speak to you on Mothers day! Be excited!

Love you all!

Sister M.

Sarah's district, the Strathmore District. 

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