Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How is Utah? If anyone is curious Canada is still cold and snowy but doing great!
This is week flew by! Actually every week flys by its the days that can be really slow. We're still continuing to meet with a lot of less-active and part member families. We got into a couple of homes that usually people can't get into it and we got return appointments as well! It made me happy. Small little tender mercies are the things that brighten my day. We taught the Guardados who is a less-active family we've been working with weekly. Brother Guardado prayed for the first time in front of us and it filled me with joy. The spirit was there and it was such a simple prayer but so powerful. Bother Guardado said that he thinks of us (me and Sister Sagers) as angels coming to help his family. I love seeing small little changes.
I also got a blessing on Monday and it made me feel a lot better about everything. Things take time and I just need to be patient....haha someday I'll learn patience. On Tuesday we had car inspections and trying to clean your car and wipe it down when its freezing outside and your face and fingers are going numb is not pleasant. But we got 100% on a car inspection so we were happy about that! If you get lower then a 80% you have to walk for a day. Its too cold to walk! I should be grateful I have a car though. There are some missionaries that do have to walk because they don't have enough cars right now with how many missionaries are coming. I also had my interview with the President on Tuesday. He's so great. We had a nice little chat and I know everything is going to be great.
We had a crazy lesson with a less-active member on praying to our Heavenly Father. He kept talking about how God has stopped listening to him and how he refuses to pray with his wife. I felt bad for his wife...who tries so hard to stay strong. Prayers strengthen relationships. { So my challenge for you family is to have a kneeling prayer everyday...dad I know your getting kind a old and falling apart....so you can sit in a chair but Sam and Mom I want you to kneel and pray everyday } Anyways back to the lesson we talked about prayer for awhile and finally got him to say that he would try to start praying again so hopefully he tried this past week.
On Thursday I was soooooo grateful that it was our planning day because there was a crazy snowstorm in the morning. It was so beautiful though. Huge giant snowflakes flying everywhere. We then had our weekly appointment with Felix that night and challenged him to study repentance for our lesson tomorrow. I've been trying to study repentance as well so we can be able to discuss it tomorrow. Felix is great and he's really putting in a lot of effort to come back to church.
On Friday we got some really great news. We got a phone call from a couple saying that they have finally set a date to be married and that the boyfriend wants to be baptized the day after! So yes we do have someone on date to be baptized in May!!!! YAY! It put me in the best mood to hear that! We just need to keep on praying that they do get married....they've had a date to be married before and they cancelled it. But I have a good feeling about this one :)
Also remember how that boy came to church on Easter and afterwords said he wants to learn more about the church? Well we called him and he never returned our call.....but then late friday night he called us! And we got an appointment with him. And we taught him yesterday!! He's 20 so my age and he's great. I say that about everyone but everyone here really is so great. Anyways we taught him the restoration and he asked a bunch of questions which was good for me, it was kind of stressful but he made me think. And I would tell him something and then he would ask me where I got that information so I would have to quickly turn to the scriptures and find the answer. I kind of think he was on something...he looked a little high but the lesson still went well and we set up another appointment with him even though he said we could only teach him 1 lesson! We just had to work out magic...actually I'm pretty sure it wasn't us but the spirit :)
So we had a goooood week! And I'm excited for whats coming up this week. We have transfers on the 24th.....WHAT!? I can't believe how fast that went. I'm pretty confident that me and Sister Sagers will not be transferred because I still need a lot of training. But I'll let you know what happens.
Like I said earlier we got a bunch of snow this week and the lake looks frozen again. Who knows when spring will come.
I love you all so very much!
Have a good week!!
Sister M

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