Saturday, December 14, 2013

So this week was just crazy! Crazy cold! Monday and Tuesday we had the crazy blizzard and we weren't allowed to go out. The whole week was freezing cold. The coldest I saw was -36 Celsius with the windchill being -51. If missionaries are in a walking area they aren't allowed to go out but me and Sister Doty have a car so we've been out in the cold. Haha its such a strange experience breathing and feeling the inside of your mouth freeze. Also side note this whole week me and Sister Doty's hot water has been not only is it freezing outside but we have ice shooting out of our shower and so we've gotten really good at boiling our water in the morning to try and take a warm shower......hahaha our lives are hilarious.

We couldn't go on one of our exchanges this past week with some of the sisters because of the weather, I feel bad because we might not be able to go with them now since we're so busy with other exchanges the rest of the transfer. I love being busy though, I've never been busier on my mission. A lot of people cancelled this week because of the weather.......lame.....just because its freezing doesn't mean its the end of the world! Anyways........Wednesday was kind of a weird day since we had to catch up on P-day stuff like buying groceries since we weren't allowed to drive and get them on Monday. We also had to cram district meeting in and a bunch of other little errands. We did have a really good lesson with Jessica. She was getting super nervous about her baptism so we just tried to calm her down and reassure her that it was the right decision.  On Thursday we had this crazy intense lesson with one of our investigators, last week he texted us and told us he went online and read a bunch of things about Mormons online....stupid! I told him that we would love to answer his questions and concerns and told him to go to and Anyways I was freaking out right before the lesson because I don't know much about anti-mormon stuff so I went and said a prayer for help and the Spirit instantly came over me. I was very much reminded of the authority and power I have as a missionary. I'm not out here to argue with people but I'm here to testify of Christ and that he lives. Nobody can argue a pure testimony that has come by the power of the Holy Ghost. I was reminded of a scripture in Alma 4:19 "seeing no way that he might reclaim them save it were in bearing down in pure testimony against them." We went to the lesson and it was very good and he said that he wants us to continue to come over and teach him, its looking like it will be a slow process but as long as he's stepping closer to Christ thats all that matters. 

On Friday we woke up early went to i-hop with a couple of other missionaries that were headed to Calgary and then started the drive up. Luckily the roads weren't bad at all. MLC's were good and I'm always grateful to be able to go and see how the mission is doing and be able to council with other missionaries on how we can make the mission better. President is such an inspired man and I'm so grateful for everything he does for all of his missionaries. The drive back to Calgary wasn't bad either we just saw how cold it was and we decided to jump out of the car and feel the icy cold winds.....I have no idea why we did that......probably because me and Sister Doty are crazy and are so excited to be living in Canada. 

Saturday is a special day its the day we had a baptism! (Please sing that to the tune of that one primary song..thank you.) Anyways Jessica's baptism went so well. She was so excited and the spirit was so strong. Her husband gave an amazing talk on the Holy Ghost and its been equally as fun to see him grow in the gospel and return from inactivity. He came up to us after and said this is the reason your in Lethbridge right now, to teach my wife. I loved it. Such a great day, we had our Christmas party that night which was really fun as well. Lots of less-active and non-members came which was awesome! Jessica's confirmation was such a special experience on Sunday. She was filled with the spirit. I felt so very blessed that I've had the opportunity to teach her. 

So this week is a busy one as well! We have a ton of meetings tomorrow with President and then we're having a dinner with him with all the zones in Lethbridge. He's going to be giving us our Christmas packages! Yay I'm excited :) We also have 2 exchanges this week and a big church tour on Saturday. Hopefully it goes well, we have the whole stake involved. 

I hope you all had a good week! I love you all. Just remember it might be cold in Utah but it can always be colder :) Love you all!

Sister M.

Count your blessings it's not -36 :) 

Jessica's baptism.

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