Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sooooo its been another great week in the Canada Calgary Mission.

I met my cute new companion last Tuesday night and then picked her up Wednesday morning. Her name is Sister Blommaert and she is from Edmonton Alberta. So not far from home at all! She has a pretty good attitude about serving in Calgary even though she's 3 hours away from her family. She has tons of family in Calgary as well and all throughout Southern Alberta so its really funny because she has connections with everyone around here. She's great though and I have so much to learn from her. Lets just say I think I've been more stressed than she's been hahaha she's been so patient with me though and I'm so grateful for that.

So lets see, Wednesday we just got Sister B. all settled in and then went out and tried to contact a couple of potential investigators and no one was home. Literally all day no one answered any doors and the whole time I was freaking out thinking Sister B. would be all discouraged on her first day out in the mission field but she was loving very second...thank goodness!

Thursday we did our planning and then did some service for a lady in our ward. We also contacted one potential investigator....she's 11 and hasn't been baptized yet and her family is less-active, but she wants to be baptized so I'm hoping we can start teaching her and then hopefully reactivate her family as well! It would be perfect! So I'll keep ya updated on that when we figure more things out. We also had a lesson with a less-active/part member family that night and they mentioned they're thinking about coming back to church. Yay! So again we're going to keep working with them and then hopefully we can start teaching the husband.

Friday was a crazy day. We had a zone training meeting that morning which went really well. Our mission is on fire right now and everything is starting to pick up. Apparently we have more people on date for baptism in the mission then we've had for over a year, there are some amazing missionaries that are coming out and I think its making everyone more excited about missionary work in general. Then we went and did service for Sister Sonnenberg and she is just a gem. I'm always laughing so hard when I'm at her house and she printed out a huge picture of me and Sister Sagers and put it on her was sweet of her. Then we left her house and started walking back to the church....which is about a 30 minute walk. And all of a sudden it starts POURING RAIN. We have no umbrellas....nothing. I start laughing obviously because of course it would start raining when we're not prepared. So we just kept moving forward trying to make it back to the church. We made it to a parking lot and this man gets out of his car and see's us just drenched from the rain. He felt so bad for us that he told us to come into his restaurant around the corner. Apparently he was the owner of this restaurant and he was just arriving to open it, so we get inside and he immediately gets us some soda and tells his chef to make us some soup and bread. I was speechless. Next thing we know we're eating the best soup ever and some warm bread. So we enjoyed the next hour hiding from the rain eating the best lunch ever talking to this man about the gospel. He's actually Hindu but was super open about talking to us. Overall it was a huge tender mercy to get out of the rain and get a free lunch. I love nice people.  We then ended the day with teaching some less-active members and Byron, our recent convert.

On Saturday we found a new investigator!!! A less-active member brought him to a lesson and he was super nervous to meet with us but we had an amazing lesson on the restoration and we're meeting with him again this week! I was thrilled. Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, never forget that. Saturday was just a really great day, filled with great people.

Sunday I felt sick all fun but still a great day. I gave a talk in church!! The bishopric wanted me to speak on missionary work....surprise surprise. They wanted me to try and get the ward more excited about doing missionary work so hopefully something I said stood out to them. We also contacted 2 former investigators that I've never met, they used to meet with the missionaries back in November and December and then dropped them. But we stopped by on Sunday and they were open to meeting with us again so we have a lesson with them tomorrow! Hopefully it goes well!!
So overall life is great. I'm stressed to be training Sister B. but we've been so blessed this past week. I know Heavenly Father is helping me. I love missionary work. Its so fun!! Even though some days are so hard there is always something to smile or laugh about.
I hope everything is going well with everyone back home. I love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister M.

 Sarah and Sister Sagers with their Stake President and his wife at their house for dinner!

Sarah and Sister Sagers and Sister Roda. Sister Roda is from the Philippines and is a super sweet lady in their ward. 

Sarah's zone of missionaries before transfers.

 Sarah and her cute new companion Sister Blommaert!

 Sarah's old companion and new companion.

Sarah and Elder Hogge. He was the one that taught Sarah all her mandarin skills, he went home this past transfer

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