Thursday, June 6, 2013

Greetings from Canada

Hey family, friends, random strangers that might be reading this email,
How are ya?? Hopefully everything is going well eh? Sam broke his arm?? Poor boy, tell him to take care of himself. He obviously needs to be drinking more milk. Maybe some fresh Canadian milk will do him some good. There's loooooots of cows around here so I'm sure I could go milk one for you and send you some milk. Let me know.

So what a crazy week! I feel like I've been going non-stop for the last 2 weeks! I don't even have time to eat lunch or breakfast anymore! But that's ok because people give us way too much food for dinner so it makes up for it. 

So on Tuesday it was a pretty typical day. District Meeting, appointments, running around like chickens with our heads cut off. It was great. We did have a meeting on Tuesday night though for the missionaries in my zone and their bishops and their ward mission leaders. Well we didn't have a ward mission leader at the time which was too bad because there was a lot of great things that were brought up about how to work with our ward mission leaders more effectively. Luckily on Sunday we got a new ward mission leader and he should be great! So I'm happy about it.

Wednesday we spent a lot of our day out in Langdon....we don't get out to Langdon as much as we would like because its so far out there, in the middle of no where. Anyways we did meet some more less-active members though who are super sweet so hopefully we can start meeting with them regularly. But as we were driving home we realized we missed a phone call from the Assistants. So we called them back and one of them actually went to my high school, so he starts making small talk with me about Lone Peak and I'm so confused why he's calling to talk about High School right? So we're about to hang up because the phone call is pretty pointless and then he says "Oh by the way Sister Martin you have been called to train." WHAT?? I literally freaked out for a second. I feel like I just got here, I feel like I still need to be trained and now I'm going to have to train a brand new missionary. Even though I'm nervous I'm kind of excited. Getting a new companion will be fun. And since the two of us will be fairly new it will make us rely on the Lord even more, which is how it should be. I'll meet my new companion tonight and then I'll pick her up tomorrow morning! So crazy! Good things are happening in my mission right now. As of right now 50% of the missionaries in the Canada Calgary mission have been out for less then 6 months. So we're going to be a fairly young mission.

Thursday we had a really good lesson with Shauna and invited her to come to church and she said that if she could find a ride that she would come! Well obviously we can arrange the ride for her, so we were excited about that!

On Friday we had exchanges so I got the opportunity to go up to Airdrie for the day, and I got to ride a bike!! I felt like a real life missionary hahaha. It had been raining all morning though so that wasn't too fun. So during the day we went to go do service at a thrift store and some pretty crazy things happened. This old lady came up to me and was being super nice and we were having a really nice conversation and then all of a sudden she saw my name tag and started screaming. Literally causing a huge scene in the middle of the thrift store. She was yelling to the lady working telling her to get me and my companion out of the store. She then started yelling "I WOULD RATHER OF THE DEVIL HERE WORKING THAN HAVE THESE TWO GIRLS HERE." I companion was super embarrassed and I was trying not to laugh. Finally they got the crazy lady out of the store and came up an apologized to us. The happy ending to this story is the owner of the store felt so bad that she came up and started talking to us for a bit and we ended up having a really great conversation about the gospel and I gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she was interested in reading it. So hopefully she does! I then got back to Calgary and me and Sister Sagers had 4 lessons in 3 hours so we were running around again. It was a really eventful day haha.

Saturday I had to go to a meeting for everyone that will be training and it was really good. It made me more excited to train my new companion.

Sunday......Shauna came to church!!! YAY!! And she liked it! DOUBLE YAY! Everyone was so good about coming up and talking to her and introducing themselves to her. And she wants to come again! She's so sweet and its been so fun teaching her, I'm really grateful to be staying in this area so I can continue teaching her.
So all in all it was a great week! I'm sure I'll have more exciting stories to share next week! I hope you're all doing well! I love you all and pray for you everyday!

Sister M.

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