Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So I've received a bunch of emails this week asking me if I'm ok with the flooding. Yes I'm doing great! My area has been very blessed....other areas not so much. Its been kind of crazy. But we'll get to that a little later.

I think overall I would label this week as just being crazy! But we've also been blessed so much! On Tuesday we had one of our investigators ask us to come over and help her with obviously we were super excited to jump on a service opportunity! We went over to her house and she asked us if we could help her son make some banana service opportunity ever!! She knows I love to bake and she was kind of having a crazy day watching her boys and her son wanted to make some banana bread so she called us to come help. I loved it. We then went and taught our other investigators Andy and Kenora....they don't have a wedding date ye but we're working on it. They're so sweet and I'm so excited for them! Then we had to rush home so we could go to dinner. We were getting a ride with a lady who had been invited over for dinner as well and as we were driving her van stopped in the middle of the highway in the middle of rush hour traffic. She started to panic and me and Sister B. were trying to stay calm but obviously we had to get out and push her car off the road. I swear I almost got hit by a car 5 times! I love the people here but they don't pay attention while driving.....after we weaved through traffic and construction cones we finally got her car off the road, we then called our dinner appointment and they came and picked us all up. 

On Wednesday we went and visited a family and their little girl wants to be baptized!! I love when things like that happen. She's 10 and is so cute! We're really excited to start teaching her and getting her ready for her baptism. That night we decided to go visit a lady in the ward that we've never met and it was hilarious! I would tell you everything she told us but it was a little inappropriate so you'll have to wait 15 more months for me to tell you this story...lets just say she was swearing up a storm and going off about different things and I couldn't help but laugh the whole time.Sometimes you just meet really interesting people on your mission and all you can do is just love them. Thursday we were walking to an appointment and got stuck in the surprise there. Its honestly been raining everyday for the last 3 weeks. Luckily a member saw us and offered us a ride. I love little tender mercies like that. We then had our lesson and they told us about the flooding. This was on Thursday and it was the first time we had heard anything. Being a missionary you stay really sheltered from everything that's happening in the world. The problem is we didn't realize how bad it was. So on Friday we had an appointment with some of our investigators and we had previously received permission to teach them in their store which is in south Calgary. Only problem the south part of Calgary was and still is under water and we had no idea! Luckily and thankfully Heavenly Father put tons of little blessings in our day to stop us from going to that appointment. There's really no way we could have gone anyways since the road got destroyed and is literally underwater. We then got filled in on all the news of what was going on and its devastating! So many people have lost their homes and belongings and its just crazy to think that its 20 minutes away from me. Immediately my ward got together and made over 1000 sandwiches for people who need food and its been so amazing to see everyone come together to help the city of Calgary. So like I said earlier my area is ok and I'm so grateful it is. Keep praying for everyone in Calgary. 

Anyways I LOVE you all so much! Again I'm sorry this email is short but the library I usually go to email has been effected by the flood and the internet is down. And so me and Sister B. found this sketchy internet cafe so we could email you all. But like I said its pretty sketchy and the keyboard I'm using doesn't work that well so sorry if this email doesn't make much sense and I don't have as much time as usual. Anyways just know I'm doing great and I love you all!!

Hope everyone is good back home! 

Sister M.

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