Tuesday, August 5, 2014

my life is oh so good!

Hey family!!! So how has your week been? Have you had any cool missionary opportunities?? Always be praying to share the gospel with those around you.

Well transfer week is always a little crazy, but we got Sister O'Dell and Sister Estrada's things all packed on Tuesday and then we just spent time with our zone on P-day. We didn't have a lot of changes in our zone this transfer which is nice. After P-day we went and had "bye bye blizzards" at dairy queen to tell Sister Estrada goodbye and then our branch mission leader in our YSA threw a little party for Sister Estrada as well. Cardston just treats us too well, I'm super happy about staying.

On Wednesday we drove into Lethbridge for transfers and I can't tell you how many people thought I was leaving this transfer! Oh my goodness everyone was telling me goodbye and I was like woahhhhh people still got one more, thank goodness! But it did made me realize how sad I'm going to be in 6 weeks...oh my I don't even want to think about it. Well I found out my new companion and her name is Sister Armstrong, she's from Riverton and is the cutest thing ever. She's been a member of the church for 3 years and I honestly couldn't have gotten a better companion for my last transfer, we've already had wayyyy too much fun this transfer and its only been 4 days. So I was happy about that. Sister Estrada got transferred to Stirling which is hilarious because that was her first area that she was in for 6 months. She was really happy about that. And Sister O'Dell is staying in Cardston she's just back in the west stake and I'm so happy I can still see her. We went and got some shopping done in Lethbridge because literally Cardston is the size of my pinky finger and sometimes I just need somethings that are not in a small town. Then we drove in the West Sisters (Sister O'Dell and Murphy) and dropped them off and quickly went to dinner and it was the funniest dinner of my life....just funny people doing funny things. I just think Sister Armstrong was freaking out because she's been in Calgary for the last year and Calgary and Cardston are on total opposite sides of the spectrum! Poor girl, she's going to love it though.

So just to let you all know, I forgot my planner today and my planner is what tells me what I've done the last week because honestly my memory is just gone so this email might be short so just apologizing now.

Anyways on Thursday we had the loooooooooongest weekly planning of my life. I'm trying to fill Sister Armstrong in on everything going on in the stake and plan of the upcoming week and figure out exchanges with our sisters and I thought I was going to die...not really but almost. Sister Armstrong is super nervous about being a Sister Training Leader but she's going to do SO good. I'm so excited for her. We then went over to the Cardston hospital and sang as a district. Right now we have Elder Call and Madsen, Me and Armstrong, Sister O'Dell and Murphy and Elder Gordon and Pauli in our district, super fun. So we sang and then went to a lesson and then guess where we went for dinner??! A pig farm! 4000 pigs, so we had a super yummy dinner and then got to go and see all the pigs. There are more pigs on that farm than people in Cardston.....my life is so cool. After that we headed back into town and had the COOLEST lesson with our investigators ever. So we're just having a sweet lesson and one of our investigator makes a comment and I've never had the spirit tell me to say something so quickly so I just shoot up from my seat and in the middle of everything I say "Do you believe that." Everything went silent and the spirit entered so strongly as he has tears in his eyes he says "yes I believe it all." It was sweet. Honestly everything in that lesson was so spirit driven I couldn't even handle it....like honestly I just want everyone to know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary. SO MUCH. 

On Friday we went up to Calgary for our Mission Leadership Conference and it was sweet! So guess what our mission is doing for the month of August?? We're calling it Walk n' Talk August or thanks to Elder Olsen we're calling it Walkie Talkie Augie and we've made a goal to talk to 1,000,000 people as a mission for the month of August. They've reduced everyone's kilometers from their cars by 75% so not only will I talk to the whole world but I'm going to get in super good shape right before I come home....its a win win situation. When we talk to non-members we have to bring up a gospel point and invite them to do something and when we talk to members we have to bring up a gospel point and then ask for a referral.... I just want you to all know how excited me and Sister Armstrong got about this that we're just going to talk to the whole town of Cardston over and over and over again. As a mission we decided that we're also going to read the Book of Mormon together over the next 3 months and look for "Miracles through Faith." This whole month is centered on the Book of Mormon in all our District meetings so it just works perfectly that we're all going to read the Book of Mormon together. I have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, it is honestly where I gained a testimony of this church. I'm so glad I get to go to MLC every month and that I have one more before I leave, every time I'm there I just look around and see amazing missionaries that have changed my mission and my life for the better. After MLC some of the missionaries that I'm pretty close to went and had dinner at a little Mexican place and let me tell you as I was driving around in Calgary and it was so sketch I missed my little bubble of Cardston...didn't think I would ever say that.

On Saturday we walked lots and lots and shared with everyone our "scripture of the day" At one point Sister Armstrong ran down the street to chase someone down to share our scripture so that just explains to you how serious we are about talking to everyone it was hilarious! And we ran after them right after a district mtg so our whole district saw us chase down this poor kid but after that our whole district went and started talking to people and it was awesome to see. Even though we don't have lots of non-members in Cardston I think its really going to increase our trust with our members. We went and had a super good lesson on service with one of our investigators later that day and the thing that I love about Sister Armstrong is she has immediately fallen in love with this area and all our investigators she's awesome, even though its been an adjustment for her.  

Sunday was super long but 2 of our investigators came to church which always makes us super happy. That night we had another awesome lesson with our investigators on Faith, Repentance and keeping the Word of Wisdom and again I just felt the spirit so strongly. I felt like Ammon in the scriptures where it says "being filled with the Spirit of God, therefore he perceived the thoughts of the king." I honestly just knew what my investigators were thinking and what their concerns were, it was the coolest thing of my life. Spiritual gifts are the coolest things we can receive but we'll only be given them if we use them for the benefit of others. It was just a really cool experience.

I'm super excited for the upcoming weeks! I love this gospel and I know that it brings so much goodness and peace into our lives. Have a great week family and friends I love you all!!

Sister M.

"We were all together to finally take a picture! This is my "posterity" in the mission! Sister Blommaert, me, Sister Smith and Sister Bullock."

"Me and Sister Matangi, I was hoping to serve around her one last time but sadly she's gone to Med Hat." 

2 little piggies out of the 4000 of them on the farm :)

"Finally got a picture by the Calgary sign! Claimed this place as home for 6 months :)"

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