Tuesday, August 26, 2014

temple time.

Hey family!

How are things going back home?? Can you believe how fast this summer has gone?? Its been by far one of the best summers of my life, so many learning experiences that I'll never forget.
So another week has come and gone...I seriously can't believe it but oh well.

On Monday me and Sister Armstrong decided to completely just relax on P-day....something that I should have done every other p-day of my life hahaha but after emails we did our shopping and then we just went back to our house and hung out in the backyard. The Terry's (who we live with) has the most beautiful back yard in the world so we just took the best naps ever on their hammocks, ate some yummy bc cherries and then made some banana bread. I've never felt that relaxed on my mission it was the best! Then for FHE the YSA had a corn bust because guess what??!?! Its Taber corn season!! I'm only being a little sarcastic when I say I love Taber corn......I think I've eaten more corn in the last 18 months than my whole life put together. It was way fun though, a lot of the YSA will be leaving for school soon which makes me sad but then I remember I'm leaving too so I shouldn't be too upset about it. That night we went over to Lish's and let me tell you...she's going to change the world. Oh my goodness, I don't know how I got so blessed but the people that I've taught and seen come into the gospel here in Cardston are just soaking the gospel up like a giant sponge. Its the best. I will say it over and over again but I've been so incredibly blessed on my mission and through out my life. I'm so happy I decided to do this whole mission thing.

Tuesday was way good, we contacted some people in the morning and then had lunch with one of our favorite members....I shouldn't have favorites but I guess they're all my favorite....anyways then we had district mtg and that was way good as well. We had a lesson right after and let me tell you...this gospel is awesome!! There are no if's, and's or but's around the gospel of Jesus Christ, you just got to decide what team your on and go with it. I just love helping people understand their purpose and when people truly understand their divine identity and potential then the small or big "rules" or commandments don't seem like a big deal. I get so frustrated when people say that the church is not for them....I just wanna be like well sorry people you're one of Heavenly Fathers children so automatically the gospel is for you hahaha oh well someday they'll get it. But overall our lesson went really good....the people we're working with are definitely making steps in the right direction. After that lesson we went and had another lesson with my best friend ever (truly these people have become my best friends).  She's made so much progress over the last summer and our lesson was way spiritual, at the end we just talked about the changes in all of us because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was way sweet. I love the whole purpose behind repentance, we truly do have a loving Heavenly Father.
That night we went and helped out at the temple visitor center which was the best idea ever because President and Sister Nicholas were in town for zone conference and stopped by. I love being able to spend time with those two, they're the best. Before we left we decided to walk around the temple and it started pouring rain on us which was a blessing because some members I think felt bad for us and told us to meet them at Dairy Queen so they could buy us some ice cream. I'm telling you there are blessings for serving a mission....free blizzards at dairy queen is definitely up there on the blessing list. Just to let you know the best flavor is Turtles with skor pieces.... hmmmmm the best of the best right there.

We got to work at the visitor center again on Wednesday and it was awesome! Some way cool people came from Calgary who were super interested in the church and the purpose of temples it was sweet, the members that were with them are going to try and get missionaries to them up in Calgary so I'm way excited about that. Also all the Lethbridge zones were in the temple doing their zone conference so we got to see all of them when they came out. Which really means I got to see Sister Estrada! It was so good seeing her, she's doing awesome in Stirling, its a strange thought thinking the next time I see her will be when we're headed up to Calgary. We had a lesson with Jody later that day and she brought up some things that she was having a hard time with and we immediately went to the Book of Mormon and fixed all of those concerns. She just has so much faith and when I say "so much" I mean more than any other person I've ever met. She's a HUGE blessing to the Kainai Branch. That night we got to see our investigator and that was awesome, probably more awesome for me than him just because every time I leave one of his lessons I leave with a stronger testimony of the gospel.

THURSDAY WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. We got to have our zone conference on Thursday and we were combined with Med Hat and the BC zones. We all met in the chapel before heading over to the temple and got to hear from our Mission President, I just love learning from him. Then we all headed over to the temple where we got to learn from the Temple President. The whole day was focused on Sacrifice, Obedience and Covenants and everything I learned made me appreaciate the temple so much more. I just have a huge love for knowledge and learning things about the gospel so it was just a good day for me. It was also one of the more emotional days of my mission. As I looked around I saw tons of missionaries that have changed my life including President Nicholas and his wife Sister Nicholas. It finally hit me that I really don't have much longer on my mission. Lets just say their were a lot of tears.....a lot of them. I have such a love for the Canada Calgary Mission and whats its done for my life. Isn't it funny how against I was of serving a mission, and now I'm jealous of every new missionary coming into the field. I just got to do a lot of reflecting of the last year and a half of my life and it was really good.
That night we went on exchanges with the Magrath sisters. I went to Magrath with Sister Joseph and I was so happy I got to go on exchanges with her again! She's awesome!

The next day we did a lot of service in Magrath which I was okay with since it was super rainy and cold outside. We went to the old folks homes and did some service there and that was super nice. I've seen a big positive change in Sister Joseph over the last few weeks and she even mentioned to me that she's grateful for the exchanges we've been on to help her see the blessings of missionary work. That was super rewarding to hear:) I've loved being able to help the sisters that I've worked with and I hope they can see how amazing missionary work is. That night we ate dinner with the Terry's who I absolutely love, they've become my Canadian grandparents up here and I can't wait for you to meet them!

On Saturday, Sister Armstrong was feeling way sick so we spent the morning planning and getting things ready for the upcoming week. I think being sick or having your companion be sick on the mission is the worst thing ever but its also a good time to be able to study and learn more so that was nice. I really appreciate Sister Armstrong, I really couldn't have asked for a better companion for my last 6 weeks. She's an amazing person and has really helped me not freak out to much about going home hahaha because trust me I need that.

Sunday was super busy for us, we went to lots of church and then quickly went out to dinner on a farm...I really love this whole farm thing. Anyways then had to come back for a stake missionary meeting where they've decided to switch things up on us. For us sisters the main focus in the stake is the in town wards of the YSA, 4th, 6th, 7th and Aetna wards and the Elders focus on the Kainai Branch and the Hillspring and Glenwood wards. Well we will now be focusing on Hillspring and Glenwood and the Elders will be doing the in town wards. It will be a nice change but its also sad because I just love the wards that I've been covering. But its also good because if they're going to do this change they might as well do it right before transfers. I haven't been out to Glenwood as much but Hillspring has some really great people there so again it will be a good change. Last night we got together with a bunch of YSA before they all leave for school and life. It was way fun and made me happy with all the friends I have here in Cardston.

Anyways I need to get going but I love you all and hope you have a great week!! Talk to you soon!!
Pray for those missionary opportunities!

Sister M.

Elder Bluth, Sister Martin, Armstrong and Elder Smith 

"The 4 of us in the middle are going home this transfer :(" 

Sisters from BC, Cardston and Med Hat zones

Elder Browning, Sister Martin and Elder Engstrom.

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