Thursday, June 19, 2014

Going to Go Build an Ark!

Well its raining again. A reminds me of last year so hopefully we don't have a repeat of the floods. Anyways rains always a good thing.

So its been a super good week! Last week my whole zone went to Waterton and we explored the little town and went hiking up Red Rock Canyon. Super pretty! I know I say this every week but I'm so so blessed to be serving in Cardston in the summer! Its the best!

On Tuesday we had Zone Training Mtg and that went really well. We got trained on teaching people not lessons which is one of my favorite things. We should never be robots but be real with the people we teach. After ZTM's we went on exchanges and I went to Raymond with Sister Barton. It was really good. I went on exhanges with Sister Barton 9 months ago when she was brand new and it was so fun to see the growth in her that's happened in the last couple of months. Raymond is a cute little LDS community. I had a lot of fun on exchanges and then the next day for our exercise in the morning we went and played Frisbee in the rain ha it was so fun! Then we exchanged back right before the visitor center at the temple. Then after we taught our investigator and she's doing so so good! oh my goodness she is just soaking up everything we're teaching. She said that she was praying and she kept picturing a bright white tree with a dark blue/black background and didn't know what it meant and then she asked us if we knew. The first thing we thought of was the vision of the tree of life! So we told her that our next lesson with her would be us reading it with her. Also that night our other investigator came to the relief society activity which was good as well.

On Thursday we went and visited some less-active members and let me tell ya....we are blessed. Some peoples lives are so hard! And they just need to rely on the atonement but they don't. I have a constant prayer of gratitude in my heart for all the good things in my life. I just love the gospel so much because it truly is a gospel of happiness. There is so much good in the gospel. That night we went and painted with a girl from YSA....I can't wait for you to see the painting I'm doing! Its going to be so so so so cool!

Friday was sweet! So we read 1 Nephi 8 with our investigator and she said this was exactly what she was picturing in her dream but she didn't know what it all meant after we explained it all to her, we asked what she'll take from it and she said that she needs to draw closer to Heavenly Father and that the only way she'll do that is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she also got a blessing to help her overcome some things and it made me love her even more to know and feel how much our Heavenly Father loves her. That night we went on exchanges with the Cardston West Sisters and I stayed in my area with Sister O'Dell. She's only been out for 3 months but is such an awesome missionary! Every single door we knocked on was not home because this is what happens on a Friday night in Cardston everyone leaves and goes to Lethbridge! And I don't blame them....I would do the same thing haha.

Haha Saturday was such a funny day. So the morning was good and then we decided to meet up with Sister Estrada and Sister Gonzalez and go sing at an assisted living place. We would just knock on some older ladies doors and ask if we could sing a song and share a message. Everything was going well up until we go and knock on a door and the old little lady asked us why we were at her door. We explained that we just wanted to sing a song and share a message and she asked what denomination we were from, we told here that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and she just grumbled and said "okay come on in" So I just assumed she wasn't a member from how she was acting. So we started singing and it was good and then she went and invited more ladies to come in and listen to us. Well as we start singing they all try and sing with us and it didn't sound too good and it was just really funny so I started laughing..........bad idea. Sister Estrada starts laughing and so I pretend to start coughing......the old grumpy lady then pulls out a mint that's COVERED in lint. So gross. Anyways she tells me to put it in my mouth and I say no thanks and then she gets mad at me and tells me again to put it in my mouth. By this point she's getting super mad at me  so I stick that gross mint in my mouth and Sister Estrada is trying to not laugh and has tears running down her face. We end the song and leave and I start choking on the nasty lint mint. Anyways it was a really funny experience. Then me and Sister O'Dell drove out to Aetna but again no one was home. It was a good day though. We exchanged back and then me and Sister Estrada went out to one of our Bishops farm and had a lesson with him and some other members in the ward. It was all about hastening the work and it was super fun to spend more time with the members.

Sunday was just busy as usual. We did go on splits that night with our Branch President for our YSA branch and it was so fun! We met so many less-active ysa members that we really clicked with. I loved it!

Also we met with our investigator yesterday the one that had the cool dream about the tree and she said as she was praying she just knew she needed to get baptized. We have her on date for next Friday! Keep Jody in your prayers :)

So many miracles are happening. I'm happy to be staying in Cardston for at least another transfer! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Pray and read the scriptures and study from PMG every day! That's my challenge for ya!

Sister M.


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