Monday, June 30, 2014

So 2 weeks ago I was thinking to myself that I have the best life ever. I was also thinking that we have so many good things happening in Cardston right now that nothing could possibly go wrong......oh boy was I wrong. Heavenly Father finally decided to give us a trial hahaha but really this was horrible. On P-day last week I started having super bad stomach pains and feeling super sick and then I just crashed Monday night and fell asleep by 9. I'll spare you all the details because no one really needs to know but I was sick on Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday it got superrrrr bad and then Friday I finally went to a doctors and then started feeling better Saturday. Yup worst week ever. So my trial finally came and now its over and I'm super excited to work super hard this week.

Ok so there was some good things that happened despite the fact that I thought my life was ending ha sorry I'm dramatic. Anyways on Tuesday we were able to go and teach 2 lessons and one was with our investigator who wants to be baptized. We taught tithing and fasting and she just loved it. She just surprises me with all the faith she has. Some of you might have heard there are some changes with how we teach our investigators, we're now required to teach Lesson 5 before baptism when usually we taught it after. Because of this new requirement we had to push some baptismal dates back to make sure we teach all the lessons. Its okay though because we want to make sure our investigators are as prepared as possible.

On Wednesday we went into Lethbridge for a specialized training. All the Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders were there from the Lethbridge Zones and the Cardston Zone. I always like getting extra training from President and the Assistants, it was a good meeting depite the fact I was sick and hadn't eaten anything since Monday morning. Ha I just wish you could have seen me, now that I'm all better its funny. After Lethbridge we went to Magrath to go to a district mtg there and then visited with the sisters there. We had a lesson later that day and it was the worst lesson I ever taught, from now on I just need to cancel lessons when I'm not feeling well. Hopefully the spirit just took over and the girl didn't even realize it was bad.

On Thursday we were in the house all day. It was a sad day. Now its over and I don't need to remember it anymore.

Friday was good! I went to the doctors and I was able to go to some lessons that night. We had a little miracle....actually huge miracle. So before serving in Cardston Sister Estrada was serving in the Crowsnest Pass and was teaching a really awesome guy who has an incredible story. He's super prepared for the gospel but just never got his answer to be baptized. He just moved to Cardston into one of our wards and when we called him up he said he finally got his answer to be baptized! We met with him Friday night and he's awesome!

Saturday was good. We had interviews with President Nicholas which I just love. He always motivates me so much. I've had the chance to reflect a lot on the last 16 months and I've seen so many blessings, in my life and others. I just hope the next 2 months don't go by as quickly as the others!

On Sunday we met with our investigator from the Pass and got him on date for July 12th :) I can't describe to you how ready he is to become a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love being able to learn from my investigators. I've been so blessed to meet so many incredible people. Also funny story about remember how we go to like a thousand wards each Sunday. Well in almost all of them we stood up and sang "Oh Canada" for Canada day on the 1st but in one of our wards we sang "Star Spangled Banner" because its an international ward hahaha that sounds so cool when I say that but since one our wards goes into Montana we have Americans and Canadians. It was a happy moment.

And now I'm feeling almost all the way better so that's a good thing. We have a super busy week planned ahead, I'm just so grateful to be serving my mission!

I love you all and hope you have a great week as well!!

Sister M.

Sister Estrada and Sister Martin 

"This is the member we live with. Brother Terry. He should be on a Canada Day postcard, he's so cute! Happy Canada Day!"

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