Monday, June 9, 2014

Hola Como Estas! (that's from my Mexican companion)

Anyways hello from Cardston!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a missionary?? Well I do! Its the best thing in the world!

So last week we went to Waterton for P-day and hiked Bears Hump and it was so fun! We're going to Waterton again today.....I'm going to spend as much time as I can there :) We're going with our whole zone so it should be pretty fun. I'm just trying to be in the mountains as much as possible, it was nice living in a corn field for the last 9 months but change is a good thing.

So Tuesday was busy! We had our district mtg and then did some service for cute little family. After we had a lesson with one of our investigators and found out she came to stake conference! We had no idea since there were so many people there and she told us she wouldn't be able to make it but she ended up coming and really enjoying it. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and she loved the kingdoms of glory. Most people have a hard time comprehending that but she loved all of it! She's so open to wanting to find out for herself which is so important. Then we went and stopped by a YSA member. At first I thought YSA was the most awkward thing in the world but now I love it! I feel like you're just teaching your best friends. I feel like I can be so much more bold with them, actually I've noticed that I'm just more bold with everyone lately. I was super bad at being bold at the beginning of my mission but I can see how Heavenly Father has been blessing me as I've tried to continue to learn and become a better missionary through out my mission. Then we drove out to a cute little farm for dinner. That's another thing that's changed. I freaked out when I first started serving in smaller towns, now I love them. Serving in Calgary would probably give me an anxiety attack...just kidding Calgary is awesome as well but there's just something about these smaller towns. That night we went and had a really good lesson with a less-active YSA member and it was so good. I just feel so much love for the people of Cardston.

Wednesday was awesome!! I had the opportunity to go to the temple with a lady I taught when I was in Calgary. She was inactive and smoking when I met her and has made so so so many changes in the last year. She invited me to come to her endowment session and it was such a great experience. She was also sealed to her husband on Friday. The temple is amazing. The fact that we can be with our families forever is the best thing in the whole world. After the temple we got to go work in the Visitors Center which was great as well. There really is such a special spirit around the temple. We had a great lesson with our other investigator that night who's preparing to be baptized. We had a specific lesson we wanted to teach her but she came and had so many questions on the Book of Mormon. We gave her one chapter to read but she read so much! She comprehends all of it really well and said that she feels the sprit so strongly when she reads it which is the best! We drove out to Hillspring that night but the people we wanted to see weren't home so we just spent our evening meeting more members in Hillspring.

Thursday was sweeeet. We got in with some less-active members that we've been trying to meet for awhile. Had some really awesome lessons on the atonement. The atonement is the center of everything and I think when people can learn more about it and learn how to apply it other things will make sense for them. We also met this awesome lady in one of our wards who wants us to help her set up a tepee! How cool is that! She said we could come over and sleep in it with the other sisters....obviously she doesn't really know the mission rules which is okay but seriously that would be so cool! That night me and Sister Estrada went on splits with YSA and were able to meet so many more less-active YSA members it was awesome! Most of them are around my age and its cool to see how choices- big or small- make a huge difference on where we end up in the gospel. Its so important to become truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Friday we went to Calgary and had a really good MLC we discussed our new standards of excellence and how we can become better leaders in the mission. It was good to see Sister Doty, Sister McDade and Sister Blommaert. I just love those people so much! I got to talk with President and Sister Nicholas after for a little bit and its always so nice to get their advice on things. We ate dinner in Calgary and had Costa Vida...yup Costa Vida is in Canada....which might not seem like a big deal to you guys back home but I haven't had Costa Vida in over a year! So it was good :) On our way back from Calgary Sister Estrada made a wrong turn and we ended up getting home a long time after we planned. Its all good though we got to see a lot of Southern Alberta.....yup still pretty flat but so pretty.

On Saturday we went to some child of record baptisms and had another lesson with our investigator on the word of wisdom. She told us she would quit coffee and that she just knew that everything we were teaching her is true. She's so ready, I love it!
Sunday was so so so so so busy! This is how our day went

9:00 stop by and see if our investigator showed up to 7th ward
9:15 Branch Council
10:30 YSA
11:30 4th Ward Council
12:15 Kainai Branch
1:00 4th Ward
2:15 Kainai Potluck
2:50 6th ward
4:30 drive to acreage for dinner
6:00 help at mission Prep
7:30 appointment
8:30 see some cool people
9:00 plan

Ha it was so busy but good! I really do love it here in Cardston! Transfers are next week! Its gone by so fast! I love you all and hope you're having a good week as well. Pray for those missionary opportunities and then act!
Talk to you next week!

Sister M.

 Elder Hill, Sister Estrada, Sister Martin and Elder Lusk


 Hiking in Waterton!

Sarah at the temple with Barb

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