Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hellooooooo. Hello. 

Oh my goodness! Family you are the best. Never forget it. How's everything going? Mom? Dad? Sam? Kate? I hope you're all happy and doing well. I love you so much. 

So I've been all over the place this week. Literally. We taught our investigator Kel tuesday afternoon and it went really well. He pointed to his heart and said I feel it here....I feel that this is true. I LOVE when things like that happen. He wants to be baptized, we just need to help him overcome his addictions and he'll be good! Wednesday was the looooonnnngggessstttt day of my life. We just rode around on our bikes and no one was home and I was just getting frustrated. It was super hot and then I was getting mad at myself for having a bad attitude. Things got better though we had a really good lesson with a less-active lady and I realized that I just need to be patient with this area and with myself. There are some incredible people here and I know me and Sister La Crue can do a lot of great things here if we just trust in the Lord. Thursday we traveled up to Calgary and its around a 2 hour drive. And let me tell you....I was SO happy to be back in Calgary hahaha. I was just driving around with a huge smile on my face. We stopped at the mission home and had some dinner. It was so great to see President and Sister Nicholas again. We then went and stayed with some of the sisters at their place of the night and it was just really fun to be able to relax and not stress about the previous week. The next morning we had a very yummy breakfast at the mission home with all the zone leaders and the sister training leaders and then went over to the church and had our little meeting. I loved knowing what was going on in the mission in more detail and being able to help make goals for the mission. Overall it was a really good meeting. Then we jumped back in our car and headed back down to Lethbridge we ate really quickly and then we had to go on exchanges with the sisters in Stirling so we drove to Stirling and I stayed there for the night. Stirling is a tiny tiny town. Super cute. I loved being able to work with the other sisters and I'm just super impressed by how hard they're working and how well they're doing for not being out very long. Over 50% of the mission has been out for less than 6 months so our mission is young but they're doing great! I love it. Then I drove back to Lethbridge just in time for Stake Conference. The adult session was great. And we had the chance to introduce Kel to President and Sister Nicholas which was fun. President Nicholas spoke at stake conference about doing missionary work and it was super good. Hopefully people learned something from it. The sunday session of stake conference was really good as well. And then after that I just wanted to crash....haha and I kind of did.....since my throat started freaking out and hurting and then I felt sick for the rest of the day. no fun. I'm doing better now so don't worry.

Anyways this week was great. Hopefully we can get some things going on in this area. I love you all! 

Have a great week!

Sister M.

Sarah and the really old sign in the cute town of Stirling. 

Sister La Crue and Sister Martin.

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