Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hey Family!
How are you??? How's the weather back home? Its been raining here on and off for the last 5 days. So we ended up not going to the zoo yesterday....sad! I really wanted to see some giraffes, oh well maybe another time. So this week was really gooooood.

On Monday we had a lesson with a less-active family who never lets anyone from the ward into her home, so we take any chance we can get to teach them. We had the little kids draw a picture of the Liahona and then we talked about following the Prophet and making our faith stronger by listening to his words. During the lesson one of the little girls Addison came up to me and just looked at me and said "I like you, I'm glad you come over." At the end of the lesson she gave me her picture of the the liahona. It seriously made my day. She's SO cute! Its always nice to know that people like you hahaha especially after a hard day of no one listening to you.

I felt like the whole day of Tuesday was focused on how much God loves his children. We had a lesson with a lady who hasn't been to church in like forever and doesn't want to change her smoking habits. We were teaching her the restoration and I just felt so much love in that little room of hers. No matter what happens in our life we can always change and feel Gods love for us. That night we had some members in our ward invite their non-member friends over for dinner and let us teach a lesson. They were the cutest family.....the only problem is they're not married. That seems to be a huge problem here. We find some really great families but the parents aren't married and they don't ever plan on being married. People need to learn to stay committed to things in their lives.

On Wednesday we tried to contact some less-active members that went MIA on us. We haven't heard from them in weeks and they weren't returning our phone-calls. So we just showed up at their house and asked how they were doing. Like I said before people are not committed to things even if its a less-active member who needs to just start praying and reading again. But luckily we got another appointment with them and hopefully they can start making steps to become closer to Christ.

Thursday was just not very good. Bad Thursday. We were walking around and it started raining....pouring actually and it was cold. And then people weren't home and people were cancelling their appointments with us and then to make it worse our dinner appointment cancelled on us. So at one point I just sat down on the sidewalk and wanted to cry. And then I had this thought....what would crying do for me? Whats the point of being disappointed? Heavenly Father has blessed me so much in my life that there is no reason to be upset....its not my fault if people don't want to listen to me or my companion. So I stood up and put a smile on my face and walked in the cold windy rain with a big smile. Sister Sagers probably thought I was crazy but that's fine because I kind of am hahaha. As members of the church we need to remember how blessed we are. We then had a really good lesson with Byron and we ended up with a really good night. Having a good attitude is so important.

So on Friday as we were walking around we saw this man walking his puppy and it was the cutest puppy I had ever seen. Turns out it was part wolf! I wish I got a picture with it because it seriously was the cutest little guy. We also had another lesson with Byron that day that went really well. His faith is growing and his testimony is growing and its so exciting to be a part of it!

On Saturday we tried to contact some potential investigators but no one was home. Pretty much no one was home the entire weekend because of the holiday. But we did come into contact with some members that just moved here from the Philippines which was a little miracle in a way. The whole family is from the Philippines and they don't have their drivers licenses so they can't drive and the parents are too old to walk. So they just haven't been coming to church because they don't know who to call. They were SO happy to see us and now we'll be able to get their records into the ward and help them get rides to church. I love little tender mercies like that.
So I ended up seeing Sister Pace today and she took me and Sister Sagers to lunch. It was so nice of her and her friend!
Everything is going really well, we're just trying to find some new investigators which is definitely easier said then done but I know the Lord will bless us for our efforts. Heavenly Father loves blessing His children, we just need to do what He's asked us to do.
I love you all and hope you've had a great week!
Sister M.

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