Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It was soooo good to talk to you all yesterday! I loved hearing all of your voices and being able to have a nice little chat, saying goodbye was hard but I'm definitely grateful to be out here on my mission. This week was a little crazy! I know I told you a lot on the phone but I'll just restate a lot of it.

So on Monday we had a lesson with our investigator Carlin and the lesson was great. We had some really good members there that could relate to Carlin very well and said some things that really touched him that we wouldn't have been able to say or do on our own. Sadly after the lesson Carlin said he didn't want to set up a return appointment.....I was devastated. I know he has felt the spirit during the lessons and that he had a lot of his questions answered with our lesson on Monday. He's just too stubborn to change. Its so hard seeing someone you care about not wanting to accept the message of the restored gospel. Having an investigator drop you is like having a really bad breakup but like 10 times worse...haha but really its so hard. I just have to realize that people have agency and that our job is to invite and share the gospel of Jesus Christ and then its up to them if they want to accept our message.

Tuesday was just our zone meeting and other lessons with less-active members that all went pretty good but nothing too exciting happened. Wednesday was our Zone Conference and we combined with the North Zone and the Airdrie Zone. It was so good to see friends from the MTC like Sister Wray for example I loved seeing her. Zone Conference was 6 hours long but it went by really quickly actually. I love hearing from President Nicholas and receiving instruction and training from him on how to be a better missionary. So during the conference I had this strange feeling that I was going to be called up to bear my testimony and guess what? All of a sudden in the middle of the training I heard "We will now be hearing a testimony by Sister Martin."  So I got the lovely chance to get up in front of all the missionaries and bear my testimony. My favorite thing out of that experience was looking out and seeing all the missionaries, Heavenly Father really is hastening his work and its so great to be a part of it!

So on Thursday we did our weekly planning and then started walking.....because we have to walk now.....which is good....I guess...... We found out it takes us an hour to walk to our church building. We also had another lesson with Byron that night and I'm getting really really really really excited for him and his baptism! Hopefully everything keeps going well with him. Friday we walked around Calgary, we probably walked 10 miles but we got to talk to a lot of people that we would normally not be able to talk to so that was really good.

Saturday we got the opportunity to go to the temple!! The Calgary temple is so beautiful and it was so nice to be able to go in and feel the spirit so strongly. I love the temple. We also went out to lunch afterwards and a nice man came up and offered to pay for our lunch and told us how grateful he is for missionaries and how appreciative he is of us for serving. It was very nice of him. We then had 4 lessons the rest of the day and we were pretty busy walking around trying to get to all of them. Going from driving all the time to walking is going to take some adjustment, lets be honest my feet are killing me! But I do enjoy being out in the sun. 

And then Sunday came and it was a great day because I got to talk to my lovely family and it put the biggest smile on my face. Seriously I love you all so much.
That's pretty much my week! Sorry the email is short, it really was great talking to all of you on the phone! I love you and pray for you everyday!
Sister M. 

Sarah at the temple

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