Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've survived my first week and I'm loving it! To be honest its hard really hard but I know I'm supposed to be here and that makes everything ok. I love my district and we've become super close in the last week, its weird how close we've become. All the Elders are heading to West Virginia and all the Sisters are going to Calgary! I learn so much everyday and me and my companion are doing so well with our investigator!! His name is Troy and he's awesome. He first didn't believe that God answers prayers so we taught him about his loving Heavenly Father and had him pray for us! THE SPIRIT WAS ON FIRE! He is now praying daily and we have him now reading the BoM. He's awesome and we love him so much. And guess what!?? We have a baptismal date for him at the end of the month!! I couldn't stop smiling that day! We also taught a lady that really is inactive and we prayed with her and taught her about going back to church and to start reading the BoM again. It was awesome. We've had some trials as a district with one of our Elders going home a couple of days ago, it was sad to see such an awesome Elder not feeling like he should be out here. It was so sad to see him go. Also a Sister in my district has MS and struggles every day, her determination amazes me. She had a bunch of pain in her leg yesterday and it started to go numb. We had to have her go to the emergency room last night but right before she left we had the Elders give her a blessing. Lets just say I LOVE the priesthood. So awesome. I love being a coordinating sister. All the new sisters in the zone came yesterday and I just adore them. They're all going to Reno. We'll continue checking on them each day to see how they're doing. My teachers told me that they've never had any missionaries to get Troy to pray so soon or commit to baptism so that made me happy. I just love talking to people and trying to help them out. I'm blessed to be here and the spirit is so strong. We literally say 100 prayers a day and I can feel your prayers for me.

These Sisters are in my district!

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