Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ok so I'm a shopper. I have no problem buying new things. So you would think that I would love buying things for my mission right? WRONG. I personally think its awfuullll, trying on skirts and realizing that they're just barely barely too short. Or maybe its the fact that whatever I buy people won't really see anyways because I'm going to have layers upon layers of clothes on to try and keep me warm, I have no idea but deciding to serve a mission sure has solved my shopping addiction.

Just for a future reference here's a list of places I got some of my clothes and shoes.
  • (just type in midi skirts and they have tons!) 
  • Dillards 
  • Down East
  • Target (my favorite skirts came from here)
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Kohls (if you need any cute jackets or blazers this is where I found a lot and great deals)
  • Scheels (winter coat that I LOVE)
  • (winter boots)
  • DSW shoes
  • (way cute skirts that you can customize to make longer!)
  • (for you brave people out there that don't need to try your shoes on before you buy them)
  • (I typed in messenger bags and found mine which will work great)
  • Samsonite Luggage Outlet store on Traverse Mountain---such good deals on great luggage
  • Thrift stores (really don't be afraid to go and try and find some awesome deals!)
  • Sister Missionary Mall (first I was like heck no but then I went in again and they have cute things now!)
If I find any other places I'll for sure be adding them to the list.

I seriously can't believe I have 35 days left until I leave!! I seriously feel so unprepared but then I just have to remember that I've been called to be a successful missionary. As long as I work hard the Lord will bless me.

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