Monday, July 21, 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!

Hey family and friends!!

I'm one year older! and hopefully one year wiser......anyways my birthday was awesome and we'll get to that later in the email.

So last week was super good:) like always. On Monday we didn't do much for p-day but it was nice and relaxing. We just hung out with people here in Cardston and got things done around our apartment. We did get to go out to Aetna and have a campfire with one of our friends for dinner. So fun! Then played some baseball with his little brother, it was such a fun family home evening. I just love the people here so much.

On Tuesday we got to go out to lunch with our YSA branch mission leader, he's also the best. Then had district meeting and after district meeting we helped our district leader out at a baptism they had. Sister Estrada, Sister O'Dell and I all taught a lesson on the restoration and I think it went really well. Our teaching is improving with the 3 of us, even though it was super hard to adjust at the beginning. Then we had a less-active lesson after the baptism on some of the commandments. The more I study and learn about the commandments the more I love them. They really are given to us out of love, they are for our protection and our happiness. Obedience is so important and I realize that more and more on my mission. Then after dinner we went out to Aetna again and had a little miracle. We stopped by a referral and when she answered the door she was so happy to see us! She asked us if we were from the church and then let us right in. Her daughter went to girls camp with her friends and had a super good time so now her mom has lots of questions about the church. She said she has lots of questions for us and was super happy we came by. We taught her a very brief lesson on the restoration and she said she wants us to come back and teach her family. SO COOOOOOL.  She's such a good Christian woman and just kept saying all she wants is to make it to heaven. Then we headed over to institute and had an awesome lesson on trials and then had correlation with our ward mission leaders. We had too many people we had to meet with so we had to go on splits. We're always so busy that we're never together anymore.

On Wednesday we worked at the visitor center and had some super good experiences again. Now that its warming up and its the middle of the summer the visitor center is getting more and more busy. Everyone just stops by because they're headed to Waterton and there's really no other places to see in Cardston hahaha. Its cool because a lot of the time the non-members that come in don't even realize that there are temples all around the world and a lot of the time there's a temple where they come from. So it makes them super excited to go see the temple that's by there home. Then we headed out to Mountain View to go visit our little family from Hungary.....the only problem is they don't understand missionary schedules and want us to stay all day. You can only imagine my anxiety of talking to this family and being super late for our next appointment. They told us that next time we come back they don't want us to have any appointments and just to stay for the whole day hahahaha too bad we don't have any empty days! We're trying to figure out when we can go over for dinner and then hopefully have a lesson with them. So after we left their house we had to hury back to Aetna for an appointment and I just hate being late so much but luckily the person was super understanding and we had a super good lesson. Then headed quickly to dinner and had to eat super quickly to make it to our next lesson. We had a lesson with Jody and she's doing so good!! She told us that she hadn't had any coffee for 6 days and I was so so so happy! She's so ready for her baptism. Then me and Sister O'Dell and Sister Estrada went on splits and had to be solo with some other members. Its good because we cover a lot more appointments but sometimes bad because the members get nervous and then I end up being the only one teaching, that's ok though because the members are doing super good here in Cardston.

Thrusday was good we did some weekly planning, had our district finding activity and then had a lesson with one of our investigators, her husband who is less-active sat in which was super helpful and really good for him as well. We taught lesson 3 which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her husband even mentioned how relearning all of this has really helped him remember why he joined the church in the first place. Hopefully both of them can help each other as they're trying to draw closer to Christ. Then that night we headed to Magrath for exchanges and I stayed in Magrath with Sister Gonzalez. She misses Cardston so much but is doing really good in Magrath.

The next day was so fun! Really I wish you could spend an hour with Sister Gonzalez she is hilarious! We also had some really good lessons. We taught their investigator who is from China and had such a good lesson with her. She told us how her biggest hope is that the people of China will someday be able to hear the gospel. It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Chinese people are so sweet and humble, I love them. We taught her about the temple and she just got so excited saying that she wants her family to be together forever. She really wants to be baptized but is trying to overcome some word of wisdom problems. When I was in Magrath Sister Estrada and Sister O'Dell and Sister Johnson had a good exchange as well and found a Muslim man who wants to learn more about Christianity so that will be fun teaching him, we have another appointment with him this week! So hopefully that goes well.

Saturday I was sick all day.  The End.

On Sunday I woke up feeling extremely better, still sick but better. I opened all my presents from my amazing family so thank you!! Thank you to Aunt Lyn, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Dorsa and my famfam. I love you all!! Me and Sister Estrada spoke in the Aetna ward and then went to YSA and then went and spoke in Kainai and both talks went well. Then we went to 6th ward and then met up with Sister O'Dell who was on splits over in the West Stake. We then had the best birthday dinner ever with my YSA friends. I'm serious when I say I've been so blessed my entire life to meet the best people in the world. They made a really yummy Ukrainian meal with perogies and borsche and potato pancakes so yummy!! And then the best chocolate cake in the world!! The best part was everyone went around the table and said something they liked about me. It was the sweetest thing in the world. I'm just so blessed! Also the assistants called that night and sang Happy Birthday:) Elder Engstrom and Elder Lloyd are the best assistants ever. I just felt so much love from everyone and it made up for the day before being so horrible. I saw lots of blessings the past week and it just makes me love missionary work more and more. It truly is the best!

Well I love you family!! I can't believe I'm 22!! So old......haha just kidding! Thanks for all that you do for me! I love you all so much!! Have a great week!

Love Sister M. 

Sister Martin and Katherine in Magrath! 

Birthday Dinner!

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