Friday, July 19, 2013

So first thing first.....I'm staying in Chestermere! I'll be here for Andy and Kenora's baptism!! Its funny because when I first got here I told  myself how I did not want to be in this area for 6 seemed like forever and if you remember I wasn't really loving my mission at the beginning. And then last night I was starting to get worried thinking I might be transferred, but I'm not! I love Chestermere and I'm glad I get to be here for 6 months, I feel like me and Sister B. still have a lot to do. So this past week we've spent a lot of time trying to find new people to teach and its been a struggle that's for sure. I feel like my patience has been lacking this past week, we came into contact with a lot of people who did not have anything nice to say to me and Sister B. and it just makes me so frustrated. These people do not know what they are missing out on. We were back in High River on Thursday helping with the flood and even though its one of the most disgusting things I have ever done, its been so rewarding. One of my favorite things is just talking to the people who lived in the home and trying to comfort them. I met this incredibly funny lady named Micky....she is this older lady who LOVES karaoke and she was super happy when she found out her karaoke machine was not damaged in the flood. We had a nice little visit and she was just so grateful for us coming to help her. We also went to a less-active couples home that night for a lesson and we had a lesson on prayer, and how God is always there. The lady got super emotional and told us how earlier that day she realized for the first time in a long time that God has been answering her prayers. I am so glad the spirit was there for that lesson. The next day we had a lesson with Andy and Kenora on the Word of Wisdom....when we started teaching them they interrupted and said how they were talking a few weeks ago and they both decided on their own to live the word of wisdom and they just forgot to mention it to us. They have SO much faith! Heavenly Father has been preparing them for such a long time and I feel so incredibly blessed to be teaching them. Every time I leave from teaching them a lesson my testimony is strengthened. Even when they don't fully understand something they just use their faith and apply it to their lives. Thats what everyone should do, in the scriptures it says "experiment upon my words." Heavenly Father wants us to just try it and live the commandments and He will then bless us. My bishopric called me Saturday night and asked me to give a talk. I used to be so nervous preparing talks and giving them but I think I'm getting over that fear pretty quickly. I spoke on how we need to center our lives on Christ, when we do that we find inner peace and hope. We also help those around us by being a good example. The best examples are those who are Christlike and behind every good example is an action. Are your actions representing Christ? We also went out to the reservation yesterday (SikSika) and helped clean out basements there because they were hit by the flood as well but haven't recieved a lot of help. We cleaned out 3 basements yesterday.....shoveling mud out, ripping off drywall, and ripping the studs out. I was soooo tired by the end of the day and it wasn't just physically tired but I was emotionally drained. I think I'm going to be tired for the next 13 months hahaha. Its good though, I wouldn't change a thing. So this week should be exciting! We're going to keep preparing Andy and Kenora and hopefully try and find some new people to teach. Byron and Corrina want to throw me and birthday bbq so I'm excited about that. Just so you are aware I told Byron and Corrina that they are more then welcome to come to Utah and stay with you guys :) and Andy and Kenora as well. I wish so badly that you can meet all the amazing people I'm meeting.
Also I forgot my camera today so I can't email you pictures. I was going to email you a picture of a canola field because they are BEAUTIFUL. I love driving out to Chestermere or Langdon and seeing all the pretty fields. So just google Canola Field in Alberta. They are lovely.
Canada is lovely. The people are lovely. Life is good.
I love you all SO much!! Never forget it.
Sister M.

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  1. God has a purpose of our life no matter what we struggle for.

    Thanks for inspiring.

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