Tuesday, September 9, 2014

i heart Canada.

What a great week! Honestly I've seen miracles the past week and its been the best!
I just wanted to make sure I saw all the people that I love and that we just worked super hard and it was worth it. And again I left my planner at home and can't really remember anything in chronological order so hopefully I get it close enough!

On Monday we went into Lethbridge so we could get some things that Sister Armstrong needed and then we just kind of spoiled ourselves.

Tuesday morning we drove out to Glenwood for Zone Training Meeting, before we had a meeting for just the sisters in our zone and that went really well. For this month our mission is focusing on Revelation through prayer so me and Sister Armstrong helped with that training. I've learned a lot about prayer lately and its made me so grateful that we have this simple tool to communicate with our Heavenly Father. After we went on exchanges with the Raymond sisters and Sister Connor stayed in Cardston with me. MY LAST EXCHANGE! That felt nice, there have been a lot of exchanges that have just made my mission so great and I was super grateful that my last exchange got to be with Sister Connor, she has blessed my mission so much. We went and saw a less-active member and had a nice visit and then we went to an older lady's house who is inactive and it was hilarious! Me and Sister Connor always have a problem of just laughing at the wrong time and so the lady was talking about her dead cat and how she really misses the cat and then told us that she got it cremated and wanted us to hold the urn that it was in. People are so weird sometimes! I was just laughing and it was super awkward. Then we're leaving and she told us we can't leave until we sing. Of course that had to happen. One more moment of awkward singing for Sister Martin. Sister Connor started singing and I just started laughing again so she was just singing this awkward solo until I could control myself and join her. So funny. Then we went to one more lesson but he just wasn't in the mood to learn so I told him that we had to leave and to let us know when a better time would be to come back. People have to have a desire for this kind of stuff and when they're not having a desire to open their heart there's no reason to stay and waste time. We went and visited a member in the YSA after and that was super fun.

On Wednesday we worked at the visitors center and it was way cool. I love being there, we had some way cool people come in. 2 people came in from Saskatchewan and they were super interested in the gospel. He's been studying the church for a long time and was super educated. They had no idea that there was a temple in Saskatchewan or any other place in the world besides Cardston for that matter so it was way fun talking to them about the temples throughout the world. That night we went to the 6th wards cornbust....... Southern Alberta LOVES their corn. After we went and had a lesson with Craig and Lish and honestly we always leave their house feeling the spirit SO strongly and laughing all at the same time. We have so much fun with them and I'm going to miss them so much!

We got a lot of planning and organizing done on Thursday which was good and we saw more people. This little town of Cardston has blessed me so much. My whole mission has just blessed my life in more ways than I could ever expect. Thursday morning we got to go do some weeding at the temple for some service and that was way fun and then we went and did some more service for some members in our ward. It was beautiful outside. We later went and saw our investigator and guess what she told us??! She wants to be baptized!! I was SO SO SO happy to hear that. I've been praying for her everyday this whole summer and the gospel has just brought so much happiness into her life. I'm so grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost and what it can do for people. It was just the biggest blessing to have been able to still be here in Cardston and hear that.

I honestly don't really remember what we did on Friday. Just kidding I just remembered something hilarious happened! So I've been trying to teach Sister Armstrong how to play a hymn on the piano so while we were waiting for the Elders to show up to Chinook (the old folks place) she was practicing the piano and some old lady stands up and says "I'm not staying if I have to hear this horrible music on the piano." Then she got up and left and we had to go convince her that Sister Armstrong would not being playing the piano. Then the Elders got there and we all started singing and things were going fine until we started singing "Abide with me tis' eventide" and the old lady yells at us again and says "I'm not dead yet! Stop singing funeral songs!" We quickly changed to "There is sunshine in my soul today" hahahah so funny. We went and ate at the Klains who are the best of the best here in Cardston. Love them! Then we had a lesson after and things were just really great.

Saturday we were seeing more people. I ran into my favorite members from Taber by the temple so that was way fun. We ate lunch with the West Sisters and Sister Murphy allowed me to straighten her hair... now that's probably the biggest miracle I've seen on my mission! hahaha really though, I'll have to tell you more about that later. That night we drove out to Magrath for a YSA activity and they made us all steaks... so yummy! Again only in Southern Alberta would we be eating steaks and corn at a ysa activity. Then we went and saw our investigator after and had a way good visit with her and her husband.

Sunday was way good. it was a super spiritual day and it was nice to be able to see a lot of people one last time. I bore my testimony and told everyone thanks for all the help they've given us as missionaries. Seriously I couldn't have done it without the members. I ate dinner with some incredible people and said some goodbyes. Luckily Canada is not that far away and I know I'll be back up here soon. I've loved my mission. I've been so incredibly blessed and I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for all the blessings I've seen and received.

I'll see you soon family! Love you all!!

Sister Martin

Sister Martin and Sister Clabaux 

 "The Kennard family! They are the best :)"

There is snow on the ground!!

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